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  1. Musa Bello


    Nigeria Tribes. 1 Abayon Cross River 2 Abua (Odual) Rivers 3 Achipa (Achipawa) Kebbi 4 Adim Cross River 5 Adun Cross River 6 Affade Yobe 7 Afizere Plateau 8 Afo Plateau 9 Agbo Cross River 10 Akaju-Ndem (Akajuk) Cross River 11 Akweya-Yachi Benue 12 ...
  2. Anyanwu promise


    Thank God and Nigerian bulletin. I won u guys r the best...
  3. Falade Elijah Ayokunle

    Ethno-Religious Sentiment and Nepotism; A Bane on National Development

    Ethno - religious sentiment and Nepotism; a bane on national development. Vividly going through history, before the coming of the whites, africa as an entity has its own traditional beliefs and religions which everybody held sacred and respected. Bu...
  4. Falade Elijah Ayokunle

    who then do we blame.

    . WHO THEN DO WE BLAME I remember those days when an uncle of mine got divorced by his wife because of his inability to take care of his responsibilities as the head of the house, then the first question that came was who is to blam...
  5. Ufuomaee

    No contact information?

    How does one get across to you? Your about and contact pages redirect to your homepage, so we can't see any email or number to reach you on. Thanks!...
  6. afeso

    Same-Sex Marriage, Nigeria And Jesus Christ

    Sometimes in January of 2014, the Federal Government of Nigeria under the leadership of the then president Dr Ebele Goodluck Jonathan signed the Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill 2013 into law. The president went ahead to give assent to the Act th...
  7. organicfoods

    How To Make Cheap Organic Pesticides from Neem Oil

    Reading this thread, you can learn how to make neem oil based organic pesticides for your farm in Nigeria. Organic farms in Nigeria are really scarce to come by, but you can make your farm one by reducing the use of chemicals in crops production. Ha...
  8. Ogenemezina

    How should Nigeria FG recovered loots be spent

    Federal government has made decision based on Nigerians opinions to spend the recovered loots on infrastructure. We are all Nigerian, let's see how true from our responses, if its my opinion, your opinion and our opinions, is the reason for their de...
  9. Samcivil

    How should FG spend the recovered loots?

    I read over the news paper that Nigerians have decided to spend the recovered loots on infrastructure. My questions are, who are the Nigerians? And how come about the opinion polls that brought about their decision. Please, I want your views and comm...
  10. Chief Kumbe Ledor

    Proposed Port Harcourt Poly

    This proposed Port Harcourt Poly is an indirect way of killing Ken Saro Poly in Bori Ogoni. This should be rejected by the house and Ogoni People....
  11. @zackmensah

    Read this Poem Written by Muhammad Ali

    Late Muhammad Ali was not only the world Greatest boxer but also a poet and a dancer. READ HIS POEM BELOW ...... Better far from all I see To die fighting to be free What more fitting end could be? Better surely than in some bed Where in bro...

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