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  1. zacman

    Sexual Health 8 Sex Myths Guys Need to Unlearn ASAP – AskMen

    Things Guys Need to Unlearn About Sex Sex education is a complicated thing. Due to variations in religious beliefs, comfort levels regarding sex, academic funding and legal mandates, two kids growing up in the same city might get very different information about sex — what it is, how important...
  2. zacman

    General Health 8 Female Authors Guys Should Read – AskMen

    These women have something to say! Female authors have mastered everything from the thriller to the romance genre. Though “chick lit” material continues to sell well, women who write do so for more than just their own gender. ... Read more via AskMen https://ift.tt/2C9wn9f
  3. zacman

    Sexual Health If You’re a Virgin, Use These Sex Positions for Your First Time – AskMen

    The first time you have sex can be overwhelming. It’s a big deal, emotionally and physically, and so it may be a good idea to avoid (at least to begin with) getting yourself into something too complicated or fancy. A big part of the equation is … Read more via AskMen https://ift.tt/2ILiNyA
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    10 Signs That She’s Just Not That Into You – AskMen

    Unrequited love is one of the most difficult things any of us will have to deal with in our lives. There are few feelings as painful as that crushing sense of rejection and creeping humiliation when you begin to realize that the girl of your … Read more via AskMen https://ift.tt/2ElGmKl
  5. zacman

    Sexual Health Everything You Need to Know About Having Safe Sex – AskMen

    Even with all the sex education in the world, there are still aspects of proper safe sex practices that that many men are still unaware of, regardless of experience. It might not seem important to you right now, but the consequences of taking your … Read more via AskMen http://bit.ly/2SCxrMl
  6. zacman

    General Health This Is Why People Cheat (It’s Not Just About Sex) – AskMen

    Finding someone to be with for the rest of your life and then having that person feel the same about you is no easy feat. So why do so many people cheat when they have found that special someone? It’s not always about sex or because they don’t love their partner, according to a new survey from...
  7. zacman

    General Health All the Best Places to Meet Women (That Aren’t a Bar) – AskMen

    Is there anything worse than trying to meet someone at a bar? There are so many different things that can go wrong. If it’s too packed, you could lose a … Read more via AskMen http://bit.ly/2SXfa9I
  8. zacman

    Sexual Health What You Need to Know Before Asking Her to Shave… Down There – AskMen

    A Tinder date, maybe, or a friend-with-benefits. Maybe she’s girlfriend material, maybe she’s just a one-night stand. She takes off your pants. Your breathing is shallow now as you anticipate what’s going to come next. She takes off your underwear. And then she makes a kind of sound —...
  9. zacman

    General Health Natural Alternatives To Viagra – AskMen

    Viagra turned 20 in 2018! While most men aren’t openly talking about their erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments, thanks to popular culture, we all know about this little blue pill. It’s far from the end all be all and there are a number of lifestyle modifications and natural remedies that can...
  10. zacman

    General Health Michael Phelps Goes To Therapy To Deal With Depression – AskMen

    Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time. A 23-time gold medalist who is unstoppable in the pool. Phelps also struggles with depression and he’s not … Read more via AskMen https://ift.tt/2z76q85
  11. zacman

    General Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked – AskMen

    When it comes to nighttime attire, the division runs fairly deep: There are those who wear pyjamas exclusively and there are those who seem to have zero inhibitions when it comes to being in … Read more via AskMen https://ift.tt/2QPIMI7
  12. zacman

    General Health So You Cheated and Need to Come Clean – Here’s How to Do It Right – AskMen

    Cheating in a relationship is ugly, it’s messy, and it happens all the time. OK, so you cheated on your girlfriend, and now you two need to Have The Conversation — what could possibly be worse than that? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here’s how to break this news to her gently and make the...
  13. zacman

    Sexual Health If It Ever Hurts When You’re Getting It On, You Need To Read This – AskMen

    Unless you and your partner are doing it intentionally with some consensual BDSM play, having sex shouldn’t hurt. And if either of you are experiencing pain during sex, it definitely isn’t something that should be dismissed. Why? There are actually a wide variety of conditions that could be...
  14. zacman

    Sexual Health One Man Reveals What It’s Actually Like To Get An STI – AskMen

    Never Have I Ever: Gotten An STI One Man Reveals What It’s Actually Like To Get An STI Did you ever play “Never Have I Ever” in college? Here are the rules: Everyone puts up ten fingers, and you go around in a circle and one by one share something that you’ve never done (and as human nature...
  15. zacman

    Sexual Health The Best Bedroom Positions, According To Doctors And Sexologists – AskMen

    "Trust me, I'm a doctor." It's an old trope you'll hear in plenty of medical TV dramas — but if you're looking for a new sex position to try with your lady, you just might want to take a doctor up on the advice they're asking you to trust them with. Read more via AskMen https://ift.tt/2Qj7LU2
  16. zacman

    Sexual Health Want To Cut Down On Your XXX Viewing Habits? Read This – AskMen

    Ask anyone born before 1985 what their formative experiences with pornography were and you’re likely to hear tales of stolen porn mags or smuggled VHS tapes. But more than the media, the rarity was what seemed to mark these moments — prior to modern internet porn’s widespread use, erotica was...
  17. zacman

    Sexual Health Most Men Are Scared To Try This In Bed – One Told Us What It’s Like – AskMen

    Did you ever play “Never Have I Ever” in college? Here are the rules: Everyone puts up ten fingers, and you go around in a circle and one by one share something that you’ve never done (and as human nature goes, the experiences shared are usually sexual). If you’ve done it, you have to put one...
  18. zacman

    General Health 5 Reasons Women Can Brag About Sex But Men Shouldn’t – AskMen

    Bragging about sex is as old as — well, sex itself. People have always felt compelled to share stories about the sex they had last night (and how many times, and in what positions!) Whether it happens in the group chat or at the weekly boys’ night out, sex brags are omnipresent. However, that...
  19. zacman

    General Health What It’s Like To Date A Guy In His 50s – When You’re 20 – AskMen

    When You’re 20 A controversial study recently came out that found men are considered the most attractive at age 50, while for women, at … Read more via AskMen https://ift.tt/2CQcaGX
  20. zacman

    Sexual Health Do Women Care About Semen Volume? This Study Found The Answer – AskMen

    You probably have strong feelings about whether or not you orgasm during sex. And you probably care a lot about whether your partner orgasms. But how important are men’s … Read more via AskMen https://ift.tt/2SlId6T