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  1. Nigeria World News

    World Boy Loses Sight, Hearing After Exclusively Eating Junk Food – AskMen

    Teenagers (and a lot of adults) love food which is bad for you, whether that's fast food or junk food. Living on McDonald's dollar-menu burgers and fries with a side of nuggets and sauce sounds like an average... Read more via AskMen – https://ift.tt/2ZHrbqr Get more World News
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    World President Obama’s High School Basketball Jersey Pulls Down $120K – AskMen

    President Obamas High School Basketball Jersey Goes for $120K We all knew that former President Barack Obama had a thing for hoops, but did you know he actually played for a high school team that had taken state championships? His jersey for that team was recently for sale at … Read more...
  3. Nigeria Entertainment News

    Entertainment Victoria’s Secret Embraces Inclusivity, Hires First Trans Model – AskMen

    some time now, the modeling industry has been rife with accusations from activist critics and social justice lobbies toward many of the titans of the business — from Playboy to Vogue to Victoria’s Secret — concerning the commodification of women, the promotion … via AskMen –...
  4. Nigeria Entertainment News

    Entertainment Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham Teased Idris Elba Over Cats Role – AskMen

    You may not be the only one laughing about the upcoming film adaptation of “Cats.” On a recent appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” “Cats” actor Idris Elba revealed his role in the musical was a source … via AskMen – https://ift.tt/2LV6DEh Get more Nigeria Entertainment News
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    World People Want Better WiFi More than Sex – AskMen

    Poor WiFi connections can lead to some major headaches. Troubleshooting routers, counting those damned blinking lights, color coding them, or digging into the.... Read more via AskMen – https://ift.tt/2M4ZAs0 Get more World News
  6. Nigeria Entertainment News

    Entertainment There’s a New 007 and It’s Not Who You Might Think – AskMen

    Bond. James Bond. As it turns out, the iconic British spy known as Agent 007 will soon be someone else. In the upcoming Bond 25 film starring Daniel Craig, the spy formerly known.... Read more via AskMen – https://ift.tt/2XS5GTL Get more Nigeria Entertainment News
  7. Nigeria World News

    World Dating Apps Blamed for STD Increase in Military – AskMen

    These days, it seems like everybody uses technology to find hookups, soulmates, or just other people who like dogs as much as they do. So it isn’t any surprise that even our servicemen are making connections via dating apps. … Read more via AskMen – https://ift.tt/2KNwAFg Get more World News
  8. Nigeria Entertainment News

    Entertainment Kanye West Opens up About His Mental Health – AskMen

    Kanye West has always been a controversial figure from his rise to fame in the 2000s to dividing his audience based on his vocal support of President Donald Trump. He recently spoke candidly about his bipolar diagnosis in 2018, and his … via AskMen – http://bit.ly/2WuqlLX Get more Nigeria...
  9. zacman

    General Health Drinking Too Many Protein Shakes Could Reduce Your Lifespan – AskMen

    Smashing a protein shake right after a workout is often just as satisfying as the exercise itself. Job done, gains made, throw that thing back for maximum muscle boost. Damaging Your Liver But the explosion in popularity … Read more via AskMen http://bit.ly/2JcXnJm
  10. zacman

    General Health There Are Actual Health Benefits to Masturbating – AskMen

    Most of us have been tugging the ‘ole one-eyed snake since around the time we hit puberty, but masturbation is still one of the more taboo sex subjects. It’s one thing to discuss your sex life with a doctor or a particularly accommodating friend, but … Read more via AskMen http://bit.ly/2IVgJn1
  11. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Most Dangerous and Safest States for Online Dating – AskMen

    If you’re one of the thousands of singles looking for love online, you might have yet another reason good reason to look outside of your state that you haven’t realized..... Read more via AskMen – http://bit.ly/2UYsEqx Get More Nigeria Metro News
  12. zacman

    Sexual Health The Longer the Beard, the Smaller the Balls (Per Science) – AskMen

    Longer Beards Indicate Smaller Testicles, According to Science Sure, your long, luscious beard probably looks great. But you could be announcing to the world you have small testicles. This is according to a study published April 2019 in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B journal. It looked...
  13. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Having Just One Beer a Day Can Be Bad for You – AskMen

    Enjoy a daily bottle of beer? You might want to cut back. It turns out, drinking just one alcoholic beverage per day is enough to increase your risk of stroke. And no amount of daily drinking is actually … Read more via AskMen – http://bit.ly/2I1xAEd Get More Nigeria Metro News
  14. zacman

    Sexual Health Want to Be Happier at Work? Have Sex First – AskMen

    Sex at Home Leads to Happier Workers, Says Science Sex matters. It turns out whether you have a healthy sex life can affect more than just your time at home, it can also impact your work.... Read more via AskMen https://ift.tt/2OizG2Z
  15. Nigeria World News

    World New ‘Cock Cam’ Is Meant to Be Worn on Your Penis – AskMen

    Wearable Penis Camera Allows You to Film Intimate Action A new sex toy is set to hit the market, and based off its design, it’s sure to be a hit among males all over the world. Say hello to the Cock Cam. Created by manufacturer Julz, the wearable penis … Read more via AskMen –...
  16. Nigeria Entertainment News

    Entertainment Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Has Advice for Men: ‘Show Up’ – AskMen

    To be married to someone at the level of Serena Williams, you better be a pretty damn good dude. Well, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian is out to.............. via AskMen – http://bit.ly/2GtFdm0 Get more Nigeria Entertainment News
  17. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro The Perfect Valentine’s Day Isn’t About Love or Romance – AskMen

    Romance is something that I think a lot of couples lack, despite everyone desiring it – and that goes for men as well as women. Having said that, what's one rule you need to abide Read more via AskMen – http://bit.ly/2GovTjn Get More Nigeria Metro News
  18. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Love Is the Biggest Scam in America, According to the FTC – AskMen

    Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day around the corner, but many Americans are spending far more on romance than a bunch of flowers or even an engagement ring. … Read more via AskMen – http://bit.ly/2IpLnWr Get More Nigeria Metro News
  19. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro 5 Dating App Photos That Are Driving Women Away – AskMen

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but on dating apps, the wrong picture is worth a thousand cringes, left-swipes, and screenshots sent to her friends. While … Read more via AskMen – http://bit.ly/2HRa7X3 Get More Nigeria Metro News
  20. Nigeria World News

    World Gillette Took a Stand Against Toxic Masculinity… Got Slammed – AskMen

    Gillette’s #MeToo-Inspired Ad Sparks Backlash — and Support Trending News: Gillette … Read more via AskMen – http://bit.ly/2FB3ZiR Get more World News