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blood pressure

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    General Health How to fight inflammation with food to help protect your heart – TODAY.com

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    General Health What to Know About Healthy Blood Pressure Levels – Consumer Reports

    In the past two years or so, many Americans suddenly found themselves faced with hypertension. For some 31 million, it wasn’t an abrupt surge in blood pressure that put them in that category..... Read more via Consumer Reports https://ift.tt/2uU9YfL
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    General Health ‘Selfies’ Might Someday Track Your Blood Pressure – WebMD Health

    Taking your blood pressure may become as easy as taking a video selfie if a new smartphone app proves itself. High blood pressure can be a warning sign of a heart attack or … Read more via WebMD Health https://ift.tt/2yFDyUv
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    General Health 7 things you didn’t know about your bones – Now To Love

    When it comes to your health, you probably put things like weight, mental health and blood pressure at the top of your ‘to manage’ list, but what about … Read more via Now To Love http://bit.ly/2KtYA0C
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    General Health High blood pressure at doctor’s office may mean you’re twice as likely to die of heart disease – CNN

    When a patient's blood pressure reads normal at home and high in a doctor's office, it's called "white coat hypertension" -- and new research suggests that it is not a benign condition...... Read more via CNN https://cnn.it/2XFT122
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    General Health 7 simple steps to prevent heart disease may also help with diabetes – CBS

    Staying active, eating a healthy diet and managing blood pressure are hallmarks of a heart-healthy lifestyle, and new research suggests they may also have another benefit. Following the same guidelines that are good for... Read more via CBSN - https://cbsn.ws/2ta5ey0
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    Hypertension: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Of The Silent Killer Disease

    Evidently, hypertension remains a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Recent statistics have shown that over 1 billion people are hypertensive although a good proportion of them are not even aware. Sadly, among those who are aware, many refuse to start treatment until dreaded...