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    Business Naira Appreciated By 30.3% As CBN' Pumped $3.6Bn' in 10 Months Into FX Market

    The naira has appreciated by 30.3 per cent since February when the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) began its aggressive interventions at the foreign exchange market. The Nigerian currency had exchanged at N520 to the dollar at the peak of onslaughts by currency speculators before the CBN stated...
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    Business Naira Appreciates 0.16% to 304 At Interbank Market

    The Naira on Friday appreciated 0.16 per cent against the dollar at the official interbank market. The currency gained 50k to exchange at N304.50, from N305 posted on Thursday. At the Bureau De Change Segment of the market, the naira closed at N385 CBN controlled rate, while the Pound Sterling...