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cancer in nigeria

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    Metro ‘It’s Not My Portion’, leading cause of cancer death in Africa – Physician - vanguard Nigeria News

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    Sexual Health SEXUAL HEALTH: Bleeding as a harbinger of cancer – nation.co.ke

    Do not take unusual vaginal bleeding lightly; it could be a symptom of something big. Mary walked into the consultation room with her husband James and before I could usher them to take their seats, declared that she was not sick. “I just have a question that has been bothering me and which I...
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    General Health Cancer Signs Men Must Not Ignore – Tribune

    You eat pretty well some days and work out most days, but if you are like a lot of men, whose schedule does not include a trip to the doctor once in a while. It would be nice for you to add this to your schedule because failure to do … Read more via Tribune https://ift.tt/2LfgmRS
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    General Health 14 Cancer Warning Signs Your Doctor Should Never Ignore – Reader’s Digest

    Your bowel habits may change with what you eat, but if they’re unpredictable and troublesome, you may be seeing signs of potential cancer. “I’m worried about constipation and diarrhea, but I’m most worried about alternating between the two,” Dr. Bonta says. “Colon cancer or … Read more via...
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    Politics “Doctors Forgot A Gauze Bandage Inside Me After Surgery” – Nairaland

    My name is… you know what let’s leave names out of this, all names, mine, the hospital involved, the doctors involved, at least until further notice. But this is the story of how the doctors forgot... Read more via Nairaland – https://ift.tt/2tvUcDa Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    Collaboration aims to improve cancer care in Nigeria | News Center – News Center

    During a March visit to Nigeria, a group of Stanford physicians, including palliative care expert Karl Lorenz, MD, met a young woman with advanced breast cancer that had spread to her spine, leaving her partially paralyzed. Like 80 percent of cancer patients in the sub-Saharan African nation...
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    Sponsored Cancer Forces Nigerians To Go Abroad For Saving Their Lives

    Cancer forces Nigerians to go abroad for saving their lives Thousands of Nigerians have to travel abroad for medical treatment every year. Local medical experts explain the popularity of medical tourism by poor equipment, shortage of staff and medical supplies at home. Lack of specialized...
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    General Health I stand for everyone who was unable to live beyond their pain – Eden Onwuka, Cancer...

    Cancer Survivor and life coach Eden Onwuka shocked many when she revealed her ordeal with the dreadful disease few weeks ago. On January 7th 2017 , Eden was diiagnosed with cancer and for eleven months she went through intense treatment while also still trying to keep up with her daily activity...
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    Why constant cancer screening is important – Minister – Premium Times Nigeria

    To reduce the risk of having cancer, it is very important to engage in regular physical exercise and medical screening for the disease. The Minister of health, Isaac Adewole, gave this advice on Saturday in commemoration of the World Cancer Day, celebrated across the world every February 4. …...
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    Cancer: Why Nigeria Must Act Now!

    For many years, the primary medical concerns for Nigerian and Africans, at large, consisted of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. As these diseases dominated the world's attention, another collection of fatal conditions was rapidly becoming more prevalent than any of these diseases. Cancer has...
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    Politics Nigeria's Former Finance Minister Nenadi Usman Has Cancer

    Senator Nenadi Usman, Nigeria's former has disclosed that she has cancer. NAN reports that Nenadi disclosed her cancer problem when she asked Justice Muslim Hassan of the Federal High Court in Lagos to permit her to travel abroad to receive treatment. The Economic and Financial Crimes...
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    Metro Radiographers Explain Why Cancer is on the Increase in Nigeria

    The Registrar and Chief Executive Officer of the Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria (RRBN), Mr. Michael Okpaleke has said that the use of radiation treatment by quacks was increasing the rate of cancer cases in the country. Okpaleke made this known yesterday in Abuja on the...