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  1. zacman

    General Health Top 4 Cancer Screenings That Should Be on Your Radar in 2019 – Healthline

    Many of the lives lost to cancer each year could’ve been saved through earlier detection. Here are four screenings that should be at the top of your list in the new year. Do you know the types of cancer for which you should be getting screened and at … Read more via Healthline...
  2. zacman

    General Health Researchers Develop Quick, Easy Test To Detect Cancer From Blood – Leadership Newspaper

    Australian researchers on Wednesday said they had developed a quick and easy test to detect cancer from blood or biopsy tissue, pointing to new approaches to patient diagnoses through simple devices like mobile phones. One of the researchers, Dr Abu Sina, said: “The University of Queensland team...
  3. zacman

    General Health Few People Realize Persistent Cough Is A Key Symptom Of Lung Cancer – Medical News Today

    A new survey timed to coincide with Lung Cancer Awareness Month found that only a small minority of people in the UK realize that a persistent cough is a key symptom of lung cancer. In a bid to raise awareness of early symptoms of lung cancer as the … Read more via Medical News Today...
  4. zacman

    General Health Here Are Five Ways You Can Cut Your Risk Of Developing Cancer – 360Nobs.com

    Cancer is one of the top killer diseases the world over and this makes it important for everyone to know what to do to reduce their chances of getting the disease. You may be shocked to know that you might have more control over the disease than you think. Take … Read more via 360Nobs.com...
  5. zacman

    General Health At the mercy of breast cancer – Newtelegraph

    Cancer is one of world’s highest killers whose cure has remained a challenge to medical science. In spite of efforts made by governments and organizations to fight the deadly disease, cancer has continued to ravage the populace. \ The case of Victoria Ogechi Uzoma, from Umuako, Nsirimo …...
  6. zacman

    General Health This is why you should stop spending money on vitamin d and fish oil – pulse.ng

    Now, the largest clinical trial conducted on these supplements concluded that neither are effective in stopping cancer or heart-related conditions. People commonly take supplements to slow aging and ward off illness, but if you’re banking on vitamin D or omega-3 fatty acids to … Read more via...
  7. zacman

    General Health 9 lung cancer symptoms all women should keep on their radar – pulse.ng

    Unfortunately, that's not exactly true: Anywhere from 5 to 15 percent of all people who have been diagnosed with lung cancer are actually nonsmokers, says Rex Chin-Wei Yung, M.D., It’s easy to assume that if you’ve never smoked cigarettes, then you don’t have … Read more via pulse.ng –...
  8. zacman

    General Health 7 early warning signs of stomach cancer every woman should know – pulse.ng

    Let's get one thing out of the way: Stomach cancer isn't crazy-common. As a woman, your lifetime odds of getting it are only one in 154, according to the American Cancer Society. That said, it can be dangerous because many of its symptoms feel like totally normal, run-of-the-mill stomach...
  9. zacman

    General Health Men with these cancers fare worse than women – Futurity

    Men with particular cancers generally have worse survival outcomes than women with the same cancers, according to a new study. The population-based study shows men have a survival disadvantage relative to women for 11 … Read more via Futurity https://ift.tt/2JoxbK0
  10. zacman

    General Health My “Tiredness” Turned Out to Be This Common Condition That Causes Cancer | Reader’s Digest

    An underdiagnosed genetic condition turned Bev Michel’s life into daily agony; it may have even given her cancer. Here’s what she learned—and everyone should know. In 2012, Bev Michel found a large … Read more via Reader’s Digest https://ift.tt/2SlO7VG
  11. zacman

    General Health How the secret to surviving cancer could be in YOUR medicine cabinet – Mail Online

    To say that Jane McLelland is lucky to be alive would be something of an understatement. At just 35, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cervical cancer. Standard treatment failed to halt the disease and five years later she was given the devastating news that tumours had … Read...
  12. zacman

    General Health PROSTATE CANCER: What every man should know – Vanguard News

    Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and the second most common tumor diagnosed worldwide. The prostate is a walnut sized gland that is part of the male reproductive system. It is located beneath the urinary bladder and … Read more via Vanguard News https://ift.tt/2AvSZR5
  13. zacman

    General Health Lung cancer risk could be higher due to common blood pressure pills, research finds – Mail Online

    Blood pressure pills taken by MILLIONS worldwide ‘raise your risk of lung cancer’, scientists warn Patients taking ACE inhibitors were 14% more likely to develop the cancer The risk increases the longer the patients were on the medication Scientists believe the drugs cause the accumulation of...
  14. zacman

    General Health 17 Things No One Tells You About Having Breast Cancer – BuzzFeed

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they wish people knew about having breast cancer. Here are some of their responses: Editor’s note: Everyone’s experience with breast cancer is different. These stories are personal, and are meant only to shed light on some of the...
  15. zacman

    General Health Popular blood pressure and heart medication linked to lung cancer – @9News

    One of Australia’s most commonly used medicines to help lower blood pressure has been linked to lung cancer. The popular class of drugs called ACE inhibitors are used to lower the risk of stroke, heart attacks, kidney disease, heart failure and death. Popular brands of ACE inhibitors in...
  16. zacman

    Sexual Health How to Have the Sex Talk During and After Cancer – Cure Today

    One expert shares advice for opening the line of communication between patients and health care providers, as well as their partners. Sex and intimacy after cancer can often become an afterthought. Many … Read more via Cure Today https://ift.tt/2yQhTZw
  17. zacman

    General Health A New Type of Treatment Shows Promise Against Aggressive Breast Cancer – Time

    In many cases, breast cancer is considered a treatable disease — as long as it’s diagnosed early and treated with the proper combination of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or targeted drugs. But triple-negative breast cancer has long been an exception. The reason it’s so deadly is that these...
  18. zacman

    General Health How a 150-year old drug might help battle cancer – Medical News Today

    A muscle-relaxant first discovered in 1848 might soon be at the cutting edge of cancer treatment. Researchers from The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center investigate. A new study approaches the challenge of hypoxia in cancer. There are a number of ways to attack cancer; one of the...
  19. zacman

    General Health If Radiation Exposure Kills People, Why Is It An Effective Cancer Treatment? – Forbes

    So, to paraphrase - If water drowns people, why is it essential for life? -or - If knives kill people, why are scalpels used in surgery? Because too much of anything can be dangerous, but the right amount can be life saving. Read more via Forbes https://ift.tt/2NLP99K
  20. zacman

    General Health Cancer signs men must not ignore – Tribune

    You eat pretty well some days and work out most days, but if you are like a lot of men, whose schedule does not include a trip to the doctor once in a while. It would be nice for you to add this to your schedule because failure to do … Read more via Tribune https://ift.tt/2NBy56t
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