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  1. Nigeria Sports News

    Sports UEFA Champions League scores: Napoli stuns Liverpool, Chelsea falls to Valencia and Messi returns for Barcelona – CBS Sports

    The 2019-20 Champions League group stage officially got underway on Tuesday with eight matches, some surprising results and American history.... read more via “barcelona football” – Google News – https://ift.tt/30dkyxb Get More Nigeria Sports News
  2. Nigeria World News

    World Amazon wildfire: Parts of the Amazon rainforest are on fire — and smoke can be seen from space – CBS News

    On Monday afternoon, the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, went dark — but it wasn't some strange cosmic event. Powerful winds carried the smoke from forest fires burning nearly 1,700 miles away, reported the BBC. Almost 73,000 fires have been detected by Brazil's space... Read more via Top...
  3. Nigeria World News

    World Sardinia sand theft: French couple faces prison time after being caught with 90 pounds of sand – CBS News

    A French couple is facing years of jail time after stealing almost 90 pounds of sand from Sardinia, the Italian island known for its picturesque beaches. The alleged thieves told... Read more via Top stories – Google News – https://ift.tt/2KIutBd Get more World News
  4. Nigeria World News

    World Chinese scientists insert human brain gene into monkeys – CBS News

    Scientists in China may have created a new kind of monkey — and with it, a big ethical dilemma. Researchers inserted a human brain gene into monkeys, in an experiment with the potential to cross the wires of human and animal intelligence.... Read more via CBS News – https://cbsn.ws/2PunY5Y...
  5. zacman

    General Health 7 common sleep myths that could be affecting your health – CBSNews.com

    While hitting the snooze button in the morning or having a nightcap before bed may seem like ways to get more sleep, these myths may actually be harming your health, according to new research. A good night's sleep is essential for overall health, yet sleep issues... Read more via...
  6. Nigeria World News

    World Doctors perform first ever organ transplant from HIV-positive donor – CBS News.com

    Surgeons in Baltimore have performed what's thought to be the world's first kidney transplant from a living donor with HIV, a milestone for patients with the AIDS virus who need a new organ. If other donors with HIV come forward... Read more via CBS News.com – https://ift.tt/2WtnQWr Get...
  7. Samguine

    Metro Indonesia earthquake kills hundreds as quake triggers 20-foot-high tsunami waves – CBS News

    A tsunami swept away buildings and killed at least several hundred people on the … Read more via CBS News – https://ift.tt/2IoY3sS Get More Nigeria Metro News
  8. stato

    World Jarrod Ramos, 38, identified as suspect in Annapolis shooting – Naija.ng News

    The suspect in the deadly shooting at a Maryland newspaper building has been identified as 38-year-old Jarrod Ramos of.... Read more via CBS News – https://ift.tt/2tNE7ZM Get more World News
  9. Samguine

    World World Refugee Day marked as almost 69 million displaced – CBS News

    The U.N. refugee agency reported Tuesday that nearly 69 million people who have fled war, violence and persecution were forcibly displaced.... Read more via CBS News – https://ift.tt/2ljI6t7 Get More World News
  10. Samguine

    Metro Man sentenced for drugging, kidnap of British model – CBS News

    MILAN — An Italian court on Friday convicted a Polish man of kidnapping a 20-year-old British model for ransom in a case that raised the specter of young women being auctioned off online on encrypted websites. The verdict slammed the door on the defendant’s … Read more via More Top Stories...
  11. RemmyAlex

    World I Will Not Accept The $400,000 President's Salary – Donald Trump

    Republican president-elect Donald Trump has said he will not accept a salary for being president. Questions have swirled concerning what'll happen to Trump's income in the wake of his winning the 2016 US presidential election, CBS News reported on Friday. Trump said at a September 17, 2015...