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    Entertainment Charly Boy- Most Presidents Are Just Front Men, They Don't Run the Country

    Area father, Charly Boy believes some Presidents are just figure heads and do not actually run the country. He made the remark on Social network. See post below: Do you agree with Charly Boy?
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    Entertainment Charly Boy Writes Article on the Igbo Man, Biafra Struggle

    Area father Charly Boy has published an article on the Biafran struggle. Read article below: I guess it about time I break my silence on this matter. From 1967 to 1970 my youth was scandalised with the horrors of the Nigerian civil war. I was never on the front line as a fighting...
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    Entertainment Charly Boy Warns Nigerian Pastors - "Pastor's Abegi make una stop all this Wayo''

    Charlyboy is angry with Nigerian Pastors. The Area father in a new post sent a serious warning to Pastors. Read Charly Boy's message below: "Pastor's Abegi make una stop all this Wayo. Jesus is not a gangster. Stop making people "offers they can't refuse" You promise Heaven if they accept...
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    Entertainment Charly Boy - My Father is Cringing in His Grave Because of the Judiciary

    Area father, Charles Oputa, a.k.a Charly Boy, on Sunday said that his late father, a retired justice of the Supreme Court, Chukwudifu Oputa, will be cringing in his grave over corruption in the nation’s judiciary. Charly Boy made the remark while speaking at the 13th Chief Gani Fawehinmi...
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    Entertainment Charly Boy Says ''Our Mumu Don Do'' Because Govt, Religion and MMM Have Failed [VIDEO]

    Area Father, Charly Boy is again calling for a revolution in Nigeria. In a new message from Charly Boy's Pulpit, he says ''Our mumu don do.'' ''...Our government has failed us'' ''Religion has failed us, as our prayer gets louder evil permeates and Pastors have become God,'' Charly Boy says...
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    Entertainment Charly Boy - ''I swear to you silly, ignorant, foolish and lazy Nigerian youths''

    Area father, Charly Boy wants Nigerian youths to speak out against the current state of affairs in the country. In an Instagram rant, Charly Boy wrote, ‘I swear to you silly, ignorant, foolish and lazy Nigerian youths. If you don't do something quick by showing your frustration and vexation...
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    Politics Corrupt Politicians Should be Executed- Charly Boy Leads Protest at NASS Complex

    Veteran Nigerian entertainer, Charly Boy, on Tuesday led a group of youths to protest at the National Assembly complex in Abuja. The protesters called for the scrapping of the senate in order to reduce the burden of governance. Charly Boy, said corruption had robbed Nigerian youths of their...
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    Entertainment Charly Boy Calls For a Revolution - ''I will take the First Bullet''

    Area father, Charly Boy is prepared to lead a revolution in Nigeria. In an Instagram Post, Charly Boy calls on Nigerians to stop asking for a revolution and instead focus on being a revolution. He wrote, "Like my friend Obinna said and I agree with him, henceforth.... "DON'T ASK for a...
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    Entertainment Charly Boy - 2015 Elections Was Like Choosing Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

    Area father, Charly Boy has explained why he didn't vote in the 2015 Presidential elections. Charly boy said, ''Our leaders know they are ultimately responsible for the lives and fortunes of the people and If they fail, many of us will get poorer, suffer and die for nothing. They often deny...
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    Entertainment 'President Buhari is Terribly Sick, We Don Enter One Chance' – Charly Boy

    Nigeria’s controversial showbiz mogul, Charly Boy has said that the president is seriously sick and the country is being run by other people. Charly Boy, who took to his Instagram page with President Buhari's photo with the caption: "My people, Una don hear? Them say our President dey suffer...
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    Entertainment Frozen $15m: Make Una Leave Patience Jonathan Alone - Charly Boy

    Popular Nigerian celebrity, Charly Boy, has spoken out about ex first lady Patience Jonathan, and her slush funds which were frozen by the EFCC: The latest unconfirmed gist heating up the social media is about former First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, who is spitting fire on EFCC for...
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    Entertainment Nigeria: A country of religious Mugu's - Charly Boy

    Area father, Charly Boy has written a new piece on religion in Nigeria. Read Charly boy's article below: Call me names, think what you may of brand CharlyBoy, Na for your pocket. I no send you. I will always say what I want to say, how I want to say it regardless of the many fake people I...
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    Entertainment Charly Boy Writes to Buhari - ''Oga Presido, do sometin o, boys are vexing!''

    Area father, Charly boy has written a new open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari. Read letter below : Mr. President Sir, Once again I am compelled to voice out my bewilderment at the stumbling and wobbly kind of governance we have had since you came onboard. I wonder what you are...