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christ embassy

  1. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Chris Oyakhilome’s daughter allegedly had second wedding ceremony to honour her mother (Photos) – INFORMATION NIGERIA

    In recent news that’s starting to trend following the emergence of new wedding photos on her Instagram page, Sharon Oyakhilome, daughter of Preacher Chris Oyakhilome, has held two different white wedding ceremonies in one month. This actually can be linked to the fact that the parents of the …...
  2. Samguine

    Metro Woman Set To Drag Christ Embassy Pastor To Court Over Sexual Harassment

    Mrs. Brenda Nwanguma, a worker with Inner City Mission for Children (ICM4C), under the Christ Embassy Church canopy, is threatening to drag the church and Pastor Kenechukwu Kanu aka Kaycee to court. Nwanguma, a member of the Christ Embassy Church, is demanding for justice in respect of alleged...
  3. RemmyAlex

    Metro Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Releases 2017 Prophecies

    Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome of the Believers Love World Nation a.k.a Christ Embassy has released the 2017 prophecies for his worshipers. The Man of God cited Psalm 92:13 and premised this year on: 1. The Year of 'Luxuriant growth' 2. The Year of Significant attainment 3. The Year of...
  4. Jules

    Metro Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's Ex-wife 'Anita' Re-marries?

    Anita, former wife of the founder of Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome, may have remarried. Anita who took back her maiden name, Ebhodaghe, immediately after her divorce from Pastor Chris appears to have changed her name again. As seen on her official pages, she now has 'Schafer' attached to...
  5. Lequte

    Metro Pastor Oyakhilome: In Marriage, Husband Means "Master," Not Male Partner

    According to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, husband, in the marriage context means master, not male partner as believed by some nowadays. He said this in an article posted on Christ Embassy.Org Online Missions's Facebook page. The post was attributed to him. "Husband does not mean the male...
  6. Lequte

    Metro Pastor Oyakhilome's Ex Wife, Anita, Bashes False Prophets and Fake Evangelists

    Pastor Anita Ebodaghe, the ex wife of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy, has released an article on her blog bashing false prophets and evangelists. When people talk about winning souls these days, I feel absolutely concerned for the so-called souls. It looks to me like a lion on a...
  7. RemmyAlex

    Metro Christ Embassy in Mess Over N2.1bn Scandal

    Auditors appointed by the United Kingdom’s Charity Commission to review the accounts of the UK branch of the popular Christ Embassy, have raised eyebrows over suspicious payments worth N2.14 billion (£4.28 million) made to companies and organisation closely related to the church in 2013. UK...
  8. RemmyAlex

    Metro I'm Free From Abuse, God Pulled Me Out of Mess - Anita Oyakhilome

    The estranged wife of popular Pastor, Chris Oyakhilome of the Christ Embassy, Anita, yesterday thanked God for saving her from mess and abuse of Pastor Oyakhilome. Anita and Chris Oyakhilome have been separated since last year. She wrote: "December is the last month of the year I start...