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    Gadgets & Tech 7 new uses for your old phone – CNET

    You can still put your old phone to use. CNET The Galaxy Note 10 with 5G is launching Aug. 7 in New York and you can already preorder Samsung’s phone for power users. You can sell or trade in, but if you do hold onto it, you can give it … Read more via CNET
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    Gadgets & Tech 15 extremely useful Gmail shortcuts you’ll want to know – CNET

    Spend a large portion of your day using Gmail? If you send and receive the majority of your Gmails on a computer, keyboard shortcuts can save you hours of time. There are dozens of Gmail keyboard shortcuts; presented here are the most … Read more via CNET
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    6 ways to delete yourself from the internet – CNET

    If you’re reading this, it’s highly likely your personal information is available to the public. And by "public" I mean everyone everywhere. So, how can deleting yourself from the internet prevent companies from acquiring your info? Short answer: it can’t. Unfortunately, you can never remove...
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    Gadgets & Tech Think someone is stealing your Wi-Fi? Here’s how to find out – CNET

    Is someone you don’t know stealing your home Wi-Fi? Is your Wi-Fi slower than usual? Having trouble connecting? It’s possible that someone is mooching your Wi-Fi on the sly. Whether it’s the guy in the upstairs apartment or bad code running on a shady device, the misuse must … Read more via...