1. stato

    World An open letter to that useless Facebook friend who shared your data – CNET – CNET

    The Facebook scandal has taught me a valuable lesson this week. When the inevitable zombie-virus apocalypse hits us, the whole world will be infected because a few people didn’t wash their hands. No matter how prepared we are, how many vaccinations we’ve stockpiled or how many faceless soldiers...
  2. Samguine

    Metro How to stop Facebook from sharing your data with friend’s apps – CNET

    Here’s the settings you need to find in order to keep your Facebook friends from sharing your data with random personality quiz apps. It can take around 25 clicks through Facebook to make the settings more private. CNET How many clicks does it take to keep your Facebook data … Read more via...
  3. Samguine

    Metro Amazon said to fire delivery man for allegedly dropping box on puppy – CNET – CNET

    Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that’s taken over our lives. Why? Roly Andrade/Facebook screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET As Amazon begins to even step inside people’s homes to make deliveries, the behavior of its delivery drivers is paramount. Which is why a...
  4. Samguine

    World iPhone battery bursts into flames after a man bites on it – CNET

    An iPhone battery goes up in flames after a Chinese man bites on it. Remember when we told you not to eat Tide Pods? Here’s another one: Don’t try to eat phone batteries either. Last Friday, a man walked into an unspecified electronics shop in China, picked … via CNET –
  5. curator

    Business Kim Dotcom sues New Zealand government for up to $6.8B – CNET – CNET

    Kim Dotcom is suing the government of New Zealand. Simon Watts / Getty Images Kim Dotcom is suing the government of New Zealand for billions of dollars in damages over his arrest in 2012. Dotcom, founder of file-sharing site Megaupload, is asking for up to $6.8 billion for the destruction of …...
  6. curator

    Business Silicon Valley is ‘becoming unhinged,’ says top VC –

    Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that’s taken over our lives. Michael Moritz admires the Chinese work ethic. Should he? The India Today Group No one, but no one works harder than the obsessives in Silicon Valley, right? They work on their buses. They work over...
  7. curator

    Business Google will penalize websites that load slowly on phones – CNET –

    Google headquarters in Mountain View, California Stephen Shankland/CNET Want people with phones to find your website? Better make sure it loads fast, because otherwise Google will punish you in its search results. Google long has given fast-loading web pages preferential placement in search...
  8. siteadmin

    [Video] This Is What Could Happen To Your Life And Brain If You Leave Facebook

    Iyaz Aktah of CNET shared five things that happened to the way he lived when he left Facebook. Quite entertaining and certainly food for thought. Is it time to consider a complete social media detox? In Nigeria, you should probably add saving money on data and reduced blood pressure.