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    World Woman suspected of feeding stepdaughter on menstrual blood remanded – Daily MonitorHome

    A woman suspected of forcefully feeding her teenage stepdaughter on food mixed with her menstrual blood has been remanded for two weeks at Kauga prison in Mukono District. The accused, Annet Namata, was first arrested in June but went into hiding after securing a police bond. … Read more...
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    World Six injured as Tanzania plane crashes shortly after take-off – Daily MonitorHome

    Six people were injured when their plane crashed minutes after take-off in Mafia, eastern Tanzania. The Rufiji Special Police Zone Commander, Mr Onesmo Lyanga said the six were taken to Mafia District Hospital for treatment.... Read more via Daily MonitorHome – https://ift.tt/2MQwUU2 Get...
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    World Uhuru signs law on free sanitary towels for schoolgirls – Daily MonitorHome

    In Kenya, school girls who have reached puberty will now receive free sanitary towels from the government, a new law aimed at minimising absenteeism and putting them at par with their male counterparts says. The Basic Education Amendment Act places the responsibility of providing free, …...
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    World Museveni: God does not want lazy people – Daily MonitorHome

    President Museveni has said God does not want people who just look at things but rather wants everybody to work. Mr Museveni is currently traversing northern Uganda preaching his wealth creation gospel in what he believes will “wake Ugandans up” and make them get involved … Read more via...
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    World Africa cyclone death toll surges past 600, ‘worst yet to come’ – Daily MonitorHome

    The death toll from a powerful cyclone that pummelled swathes of southern African countries, flooding thousands of square kilometres, on Saturday surged past 600 as diseases stalked tens of thousands of survivors. At least 417 people have died in Mozambique, according to government, bringing...