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    10 Google search tricks most people don’t know about, this will change your life –

    With mobile phones all but superglued to our palms, us modern folk have grown accustomed to having all the information in the world at our fingertips. Or so we thought. Sometimes, the overwhelming volume of information that comes up in a Google search result can actually prevent us from...
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    Metro Teenager Slashes Throat of Pregnant Girlfriend, Says Google Search Gave the Idea To Kill

    A 19-year-old undergraduate, Ade, who allegedly stabbed his 19-year-old pregnant girlfriend twice on her stomach, and slashed her throat, has revealed how a Google search suggested the idea to him. The incident took place on Thursday, August 11, at the residence of his girlfriend’s parents...
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    How To Locate Your Missing Phone Using Google Search

    Did you know you can use Google Search to locate your missing phone? Instead of using Android Device Manager or some other applications, Google search helps you from anywhere you are at anytime. Just follow the steps below: 1. You need to be logged in into your Google account for this to...