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    General Health The Challenge of Caring for a Stroke Patient – NYT – Health

    Kelly Baxter was 36 years old and had just moved to Illinois with her 41-year-old husband, Ted, when he suffered a disabling stroke that derailed his high-powered career in international finance. It derailed her life as well. “It was a terrible shock, especially in such a young, healthy, …...
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    General Health Cancer self-destructs thanks to new technique – BBC Science Focus Magazine

    Another battle has been won in the war against cancer. Researchers have developed a new way to block the development of multiple cancers, which could lead to new forms of treatment. The key is a gene is known as MYC. It’s one of the most commonly affected … Read more via BBC Science Focus...
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    General Health ‘Wrong use of prescription contact lens can cause blindness’ – The Guardian Nigeria News

    Contact lenses, both prescription and cosmetic, can be bought from any store, without proper knowledge on usage and maintenance. Dr. Nwosu Chidiebere, an optometrist specialised in prescription glasses and contact lenses, said wrong use of contact lenses could lead to … Read more via The...
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    General Health 5 Doctor’s Appointments Men Should Make Every Year – Prevention

    Research proves it: Men are less likely than women to utilize primary care medical services. And even though women face inherent risks with childbirth, men, on average, die at a younger age, both stateside and globally. It’s crucial that you make yourself a priority, says Karen Schechter...
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    General Health How To Cure Mouth Odour & Bad Breath Permanently At Home –

    How To Cure Mouth Odour & Bad Breath Permanently At Home 26 effective home remedies for ending bad breath and mouth odour problem at home... Read more via –
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    General Health 7 Simple Ways to Unclog Your Arteries Naturally –

    We all want to live a long life, and eating a few simple foods has been scientifically proven to prevent—and in some cases reverse—the top cause of death in the modern world. At present, atherosclerosis (the progressive narrowing and clogging up of the arteries) is the driving process behind...
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    General Health Smoking ‘damages eyes as well as lungs’ – BBC News

    Millions of people in the UK are putting their sight at risk by continuing to smoke, warn specialists. Despite the clear connection, only one in five people recognise that smoking can lead to blindness, a poll for the Association of Optometrists (AOP) finds. … Read more via BBC News –...
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    General Health 10 Medical Myths We Should Stop Believing. Doctors, Too. – The New York Times

    You might assume that standard medical advice was supported by mounds of scientific research. But researchers recently discovered that nearly 400 routine practices were flatly contradicted by studies published in leading journals. Of more than 3,000 studies published from 2003 through 2017 in...
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    General Health If You Exercise Regularly and Still Have Belly Fat, This Could Be Why, According to 3 Experts – POPSUGAR

    Ask an expert how to get rid of belly fat, and you’ll probably get an answer along the lines of exercising consistently and fueling your body with quality foods. If you have been exercising and still have belly fat, you could be doing the wrong style training, your … Read more via POPSUGAR...
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    General Health Your pinky finger size holds clues to your personality and health – find out how –

    Our hands are amazing. We communicate, forge relationships, pick and prepare food, and applaud the things we love with our hands. But did you know that our fingers are also the gateway to some incredible information? .... Read more via
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    General Health Beetroot can be your weight loss buddy – TheHealthSite

    Whenever we think about losing weight, diet and exercise come first in the mind. But, we can surely say that beetroot never appears in minds of people, as an … Read more via “sexual health” – Google News
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    General Health 5 Healthy Lifestyles Habits To Get Rid Of Belly Fat – The Guardian Nigeria News

    Is that protruding belly stopping your zipper from closing properly and you think that is the worst of your problems? Tummy fat is not only an unfashionable headache but it is also not healthy for your general wellbeing. There are two types … Read more via The Guardian Nigeria News –...
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    Family Health Processed Foods in Pregnancy May Be Tied to Autism – WebMD Health

    Consuming processed foods during pregnancy may be linked to a higher risk of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in children, early research suggests. Researchers from the University of Central Florida (UCF) College of Medicine in Orlando found that high levels of propionic acid (PPA) — used …...
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    General Health 13 Surprising Hobbies That Really Help With Anxiety, According To Experts – Bustle

    While there are lots of ways to manage anxiety, picking up a relaxing hobby or two can be a great way to relieve some of its symptoms, such as feeling excess stress, racing thoughts, and nervousness. These hobbies include activities that are quite literally relaxing, like knitting and...
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    General Health A Doctor Reveals How to Get Rid of Any Headache Without Medicine – Prevention

    One of the most apt descriptions of a headache I’ve ever read was in a novel called We Were Liars. Author E. Lockhart depicts it as a rusty saw “slicing through my forehead into the mind behind it.” Lockhart eloquently captures a headache’s paired agonies: physical pain and … Read more via...
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    General Health High fruit, vegetable intake lowers blood pressure, reduces cardiac defect – The Guardian Nigeria News

    Findings from a new study suggest that inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables may be a major factor in heart disease death. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, fiber, potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants. A diet that includes … Read more via The Guardian Nigeria News –...
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    General Health What Health Screenings Should You Be Getting? Here’s Your Answer – AskMen

    Alright, men, listen up, because it’s time for some tough love. Chances are good that you’re walking through life thinking you’re invincible. You downplay every ache, injury and illness, and you avoid the doctor’s office. In fact, a recent survey commissioned … Read more via AskMen...
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    Sexual Health What is the HPV virus, will boys be vaccinated against it and what are the symptoms of cervical cancer? – The Sun

    HPV can affect about half of sexually active people and lead to cervical cancer. The sexually transmitted virus is the most widespread worldwide, according to Jo’s ... Read more via The Sun
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    General Health 10 Reasons Why You Have Swollen Feet, According to a Doctor – Prevention

    When you can’t seem to squeeze on those strappy sandals that looked so cute last summer, or your formerly slender ankles and calves are starting to balloon up like Snoopy at the Thanksgiving Day Parade, it could just be due to a long day standing inpumps that are a half size too small ...
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    General Health Three signs your period pain could actually be something more serious – rsvp

    The average woman has approximately 450 periods in her lifetime, however the average period and cycle can vary hugely from woman to woman. What’s important is to know what is normal for you, because changes and irregular, painful, or heavy periods may be signs of a serious health problem. So …...