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  1. zacman

    General Health High blood pressure at doctor’s office may mean you’re twice as likely to die of heart disease – CNN

    When a patient's blood pressure reads normal at home and high in a doctor's office, it's called "white coat hypertension" -- and new research suggests that it is not a benign condition...... Read more via CNN
  2. zacman

    General Health Men: Stay healthy at any age – Norwalk Reflector

    Men, it’s never too early or too late to start caring about your health. Men die an average of 5 years younger than women and lead 9 out of 10 of the top causes of death. They also have a higher suicide death rate and do not see physicians for a physical exam as often as women. Read more...
  3. zacman

    General Health Unhealthy gut promotes spread of breast cancer, study finds – EurekAlert!

    An unhealthy, inflamed gut causes breast cancer to become much more invasive and spread more quickly to other parts of the body, new research from the University of Virginia Cancer Center suggests...... Read more via EurekAlert!
  4. zacman

    General Health Here’s What You Should Know About HPV-Linked Cancers, After Marcia Cross Spoke Out About Stigma – Bustle

    Actor Marcia Cross, best known for her roles on Desperate Housewives and Melrose Place, is sparking an important conversation about the link between human papillomavirus (HPV) and cancer. CNN reported that Cross recently appeared on CBS This Morning to discuss how HPV played a role in her...
  5. zacman

    General Health Daily vitamin D pill could reduce deaths from cancer – Newtelegraph

    Scientists from the United States (US) said boosting vitamin D levels by taking a daily supplement could reduce the risk of dying from cancer by 13 per cent. A U.S researcher, Dr. Shifeng Mao, from the Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute in Pittsburgh, reported findings showing that …...
  6. zacman

    General Health Drug which helps woman survive breast cancer can also stop prostate cancer spreading in men, new study finds – The Telegraph

    A pioneering drug that boosts survival for women with breast cancer can stall progression of prostate cancer in men, a landmark study has found. The British trials suggest the treatment – which is also used to treat ovarian cancer – could benefit up to 4,000 men a year, delaying the … Read...
  7. zacman

    General Health Cervical Cancer Could Basically Be Eliminated by 2100: Report – Global Citizen

    Cervical cancer could be eliminated in most countries by 2100 if the world increases its vaccine coverage and medical screenings, according to new research. The research, published in Lancet Oncology this week.... Read more via Global Citizen
  8. zacman

    General Health Sheba medical team finds treatment for 4th leading cause of cancer death – The Jerusalem Post

    A Chaim Sheba Medical Center researcher has discovered a potential treatment for metastatic pancreatic cancer. “In the history of oncology, there have been only two or three studies that have shown some benefits for pancreatic ... Read more via The Jerusalem Post |
  9. zacman

    General Health Male Breast Cancer: A Rare, Increasing Trend – Hopkinsmedicine

    The color pink isn’t exclusive to women, and neither is the disease that it often represents: breast cancer. While breast cancer is more than 100 times more common in women than men, men are much less likely to detect breast cancer early on, notes David Euhus, M.D., director of breast surgery...
  10. zacman

    General Health How Much Do You Actually Know About Ovarian Cancer? – Prevention

    Ovarian cancer is responsible for more deaths than any other gynecologic cancer in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Yet, there’s a lot that many people don’t understand about this disease. For instance: Is ovarian cancer really a “silent killer” with...
  11. zacman

    General Health Hydrogen Peroxide And Cancer: This Is What Everyone Must Know – Nbc

    For all the modern scientific discoveries we have relating to health why is cancer such a huge problem? Because the cancer prevention we KNOW works has not made it through the mainstream media and health bodies. Cancer diagnoses in the last 50 years have skyrocketed with no small coincidence...
  12. zacman

    General Health ‘Highly Processed’ Food Linked to Earlier Death – WebMD Health

    People who get many of their meals from packages may have heightened risks of heart disease, stroke and premature death, two large studies suggest. The findings, published online May 29 in the journal BMJ, are the latest to point the finger at … Read more via WebMD Health
  13. zacman

    General Health Vaping May Hurt the Lining of Your Blood Vessels – WebMD Health

    In yet another sign that electronic cigarettes are far from harmless, a new lab study suggests that vaping damages the cells that line the inside walls of blood vessels and could hasten heart trouble. Lab-grown endothelial cells were more likely to die … Read more via WebMD Health...
  14. zacman

    General Health Blood in urine (hematuria) in females: Causes, diagnosis, and treatment – Medical News Today

    Hematuria refers to the presence of blood in the urine. Some causes are specific to, or more likely to affect, females. Blood in the urine is often due to infections, kidney problems, or injuries. In this article, we discuss the possible causes of blood in the urine in … Read more via...
  15. zacman

    General Health What To Know About The HPV Vaccine – Scary Mommy

    As a parent of two teenagers, the topic of sex comes up pretty frequently in our house. My husband and I have an open, honest dialogue with our teens because we want them to have accurate information when it comes time to make decisions with their sexual partners. We … Read more via Scary...
  16. zacman

    General Health Gucci Makes a Pro-Choice Political Statement on the Runway at Its Cruise 2020 Show – Footwear News

    Amid a wave of anti-abortion laws in the U.S., Gucci is making a pro-choice political statement. The brand sent a jacket down the runway at its cruise ’20 show today in Rome featuring a women’s rights slogan from the ’70s: “My body, my choice.” Other standout looks include a … Read more via...
  17. zacman

    Sexual Health What’s the Difference Between an STI and an STD? – Parentology

    Your kid comes home from school talking about STIs. Let’s assume they were discussed in sex ed class (as opposed to being mentioned for more concerning reasons). You know what an STD is, and you can infer that the “I” means “infection,” but why the change? What’s the difference between STI and...
  18. zacman

    General Health Half of H.I.V. Patients Are Women. Most Research Subjects Are Men. – The New York Times

    Inspired by reports of a second patient apparently freed of infection with H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS, scientists are pursuing dozens of ways to cure the disease. But now, researchers must reckon with a longstanding obstacle: the lack of women in clinical trials of potential H.I.V. …...
  19. zacman

    General Health What Happens When Breast Cancer Spreads to the Brain – Verywell Health

    What happens if your breast cancer spreads to your brain? Sometimes, brain metastases are found when breast cancer is first diagnosed, but the majority of the time, brain metastases occur as a distant recurrence of an early-stage breast cancer that was treated in the past. What symptoms may...
  20. zacman

    General Health Breast cancer spreads through the body in just two or three waves – New Scientist

    Most people who die from cancer are killed by cells that have spread through their body, but we know relatively little about how they spread. Now a team has genetically sequenced the secondary tumours of 10 women who died from breast cancer, and found … Read more via New Scientist...