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  1. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Why I released video clips of HIV-positive youths — Ifeoma Theodore – Vanguard News Nigeria

    On December 1, 2018, Mrs Ifeoma Theodore Jnr Ezeobi, a writer, sex awareness advocate and staunch lover of teenagers and young adults, released video clips of three HIV-positive young adults who shared their tales of hope and implored the world to shun stigmatization, in … Read more via...
  2. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Common gum-disease bug may also give cancer a boost – New Scientist

    What do your mouth and your behind have in common? They’re linked by a bug that we thought was usually benign, but may in fact have a much darker … Read more via New Scientist – Get More Nigeria Metro News
  3. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Certain People—Maybe Even You—Have Special Poop That Can Save Lives – Gizmodo

    There are plenty of people who are exceptional in one way or another. But a new review published this week suggests that even the poop we make can be extraordinary. It argues that some of us are super fecal transplant donors, with poop that … Read more via Gizmodo –
  4. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro How is HIV transmitted through Sex #WorldAIDSday – Health4Naija

    Today is World AIDS day. A day set to remind people about Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). It’s an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, to show support for people living with HIV, and to commemorate those who have died from an AIDS-related illness..... Read...
  5. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Blood test detects cancer in 10 minutes – The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper

    A blood test can detect cancer within just 10 minutes, scientists have found, raising hopes that hard-to-spot diseases could be picked up early when treatment is most effective.... Read more via The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper – Nigeria and World News – Get More...
  6. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Breast cancer survivors may have lingering mental health effects – Reuters News

    (Reuters Health) – – Breast cancer survivors may be more likely to experience anxiety, depression, sleep troubles and other mental health issues than women who have not been diagnosed with the disease, a research review suggests. The study team examined data from 60 previously published...
  7. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Alcohol intake limits long-term weight loss for people with diabetes – The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper

    Diabetes Research shows that losing weight can help prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. While best practice for weight loss often includes decreasing or eliminating calories from alcohol, few studies examine whether people who undergo weight loss treatment report changes … Read more via...
  8. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro 10 fascinating penis facts – Medical News Today

    Although many of us men are relatively familiar with our penis and its antics, there’s more to our appendage than meets the eye. In this feature, we discuss 10 interesting things that you probably didn’t know about your genitals.... Read more via Medical News Today –
  9. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Late-night eating raises heart disease risk – Newtelegraph

    Scientists in America said late-night meals may pose a risk to heart health. Findings from a new study presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions annual meeting, found that eating more later in the evening was associated with an increased risk of heart disease.The study...
  10. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro SCARY! Tuberculosis may be at your doorsteps – Vanguard News Nigeria

    Tuberculosis, TB, ranks among the diseases Nigerians seem not to be concerned about but, in reality, it is one of the world’s top infectious killer diseases, and, currently, statistics available show that it may be … Read more via Vanguard News Nigeria – Get More...
  11. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro New virus could help destroy cancer – Medical News Today

    Cancer is a chronic disease that kills millions of people worldwide. According to the World … Read more via Medical News Today – Get More Nigeria Metro News
  12. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro 90 percent of cancer deaths occur in developing countries, says expert – The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper

    Former Head of Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Prof. Olalekan Abudu, has said 80 to 90 per cent of new cases and deaths from cervical cancer occur in low income countries. He said the disparity … Read more via The Guardian Nigeria...
  13. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Air Pollution: Majority of children breathe toxic air – WHO – Premium Times Nigeria

    More than nine in 10 children around the world breathe air so polluted it puts their health and development at serious risk and kills some of them, a new global health report has found. The report was published on Monday, two days after the health body said air … Read more via Premium...
  14. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Cold, windy days raise heart attack risk – Newtelegraph

    Swedish researchers have found that people were more likely to have heart attacks when the weather is bad. According to findings published in the ‘Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Cardiology... Read more via Newtelegraph – Get More Nigeria Metro News
  15. zacman

    General Health 13 Benefits of Getting Busy –

    Yes, knocking boots counts as exercise and it sure beats the gym! Depending on how physical you get, sex can strengthen muscle tone, increase your heart rate, and get your whole body working, says Justin Lehmiller, PhD, creator of lecturer in the department of psychology at Purdue University and...
  16. Samguine

    Metro ‘Egg Cholesterol Not Harmful To Adults’ Health’ – Leadership Newspaper

    The misgivings over cholesterol build up in the body system of adults above 40 years of age, who still consume eggs, was yesterday laid to rest as a family physician, Dr Oluwasegun Ojo, debunked the claim. The family physician, who is also a consultant with the Federal Medical … Read more...
  17. Samguine

    Metro How does the flu actually kill you? –

    You can certainly feel like death warmed over when you get the flu, which often lasts for a dreadfully feverish, snotty and cough-wracked week. But in some rare cases, the flu can actually be fatal. Last year, influenza killed about 80,000 people, including 180 children, according to the...
  18. Samguine

    Metro Independence: Turkish Hospital Offers Discount On Checkup – Leadership Nigeria Newspaper

    The Turkish Nizamiye hospital, Abuja is offering a 40 percent discount on medical checkup … Read more via Leadership Nigeria Newspaper – Get More Nigeria Metro News
  19. stato

    World Fistulas Cause Sexual and Emotional Stress in Malawi – Sexhealthmatters News

    Sexual problems and emotional stress are common after vesicovaginal fistula surgery, according ... Read more via Sexhealthmatters News – Get more World News
  20. Samguine

    Metro Study Shows That Soot From Polluted Air Can Reach the Placenta – Gizmodo

    The idea that air pollution can hurt developing fetuses in the womb is not controversial. But new preliminary research presented this week seems to provide direct evidence of how this damage can happen, via the placenta.... Read more via Gizmodo – Get More Nigeria...