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    World Long-acting injectable drug prevents HIV infections - Science News
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    World The London patient: Second patient to be cured of HIV - Vanguard Nigeria News
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    World HIV Cure Possible: Scientist Engineer Antibodies That Kill 99% Of Know HIVs

    Scientist have made a major breakthrough in the fight against HIV. They have engineered antibodies that attach 99% of known HIV strains and have been successful in test with primates. Developing a cure for HIV has been difficult because of the viruses ability to mutate, therefore rendering any...
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    Metro FG Orders Investigation Into Claims of HIV Cure

    The Federal Government has mandated the National Institute for Medical Research and the College of Medicine, Ibadan to do proper study of the two claims to HIV cure in Nigeria. The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, disclosed this on Monday in Ilorin at the Federal Government Town Hall...