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human papillomavirus (hpv)

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    Sexual Health Oral sex is driving up rates of cancer – the 5 early warning signs – The Scottish Sun

    ORAL sex is triggering a surge in cases of cancer, experts are warning. There’s growing evidence that an increasing proportion of cancer is caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in the mouth – which is spread by oral sex.... Read more via The Scottish Sun https://ift.tt/2OVqx1B
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    General Health Mayo Clinic Q and A: Increasing incidence of throat cancer related to HPV – Mayoclinic

    DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I know HPV can cause cervical cancer, but recently I’ve heard it also can lead to throat cancer. How common is throat cancer caused by HPV? How effective is treatment for it?..... Read more via https://ift.tt/2MInw48
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    Sexual Health What is the HPV virus, will boys be vaccinated against it and what are the symptoms of cervical cancer? – The Sun

    HPV can affect about half of sexually active people and lead to cervical cancer. The sexually transmitted virus is the most widespread worldwide, according to Jo’s Trust.org ... Read more via The Sun https://ift.tt/2Ja5GEk
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    Sexual Health We Pretty Much All Have HPV. Should That Affect How We Have Sex? – SELF

    People who have sex tend to have a few things in common: They like to feel good, they’ve dealt with a sex stain or two in their lives, and they’ve been exposed to HPV, or human papillomavirus. Around 79 million people in the United States have HPV, making it the … Read more via SELF...
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    General Health The HPV Vaccine Is A Cancer Vaccine, Not A Sex Vaccine – Forbes

    Marcia Cross, actress best known for her work on the hit television show Desperate Housewives, recently revealed that she is being treated for anal cancer, which is seen in less than 1% of cancer cases each year. The actress wanted to share her story, not only to raise awareness of … Read...
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    General Health Here’s What You Should Know About HPV-Linked Cancers, After Marcia Cross Spoke Out About Stigma – Bustle

    Actor Marcia Cross, best known for her roles on Desperate Housewives and Melrose Place, is sparking an important conversation about the link between human papillomavirus (HPV) and cancer. CNN reported that Cross recently appeared on CBS This Morning to discuss how HPV played a role in her...
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    General Health Ebola, H.I.V., Spanish Flu, SARS — the 20th Century’s Deadliest Hits – The New York Times

    Some of the scenes in Mark Honigsbaum’s “The Pandemic Century” were so vivid they had me drafting movie treatments in my head. Midway through the book, … Read more via The New York Times https://nyti.ms/2MqFkT9
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    General Health What To Know About The HPV Vaccine – Scary Mommy

    As a parent of two teenagers, the topic of sex comes up pretty frequently in our house. My husband and I have an open, honest dialogue with our teens because we want them to have accurate information when it comes time to make decisions with their sexual partners. We … Read more via Scary...
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    General Health 7 Facts About HPV I Want Everyone To Know, As A Sex Educator – Bustle

    In this week’s Sex IDK column, Emma McGowan, certified sex educator and writer, answers your questions about HPV. Q: I don’t fully understand HPV. What should I know? Oh, human papillomavirus, aka HPV. Perhaps the most misunderstood STI in a world of extremely misunderstood STIs.... Read...
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    General Health Dentists say HPV vaccine is a ‘no brainer’ as cases of head, neck and mouth cancer on the rise – TheJournal.ie

    THE HPV VACCINE is a “no brainer”, the Irish Dental Association has said. The Oireachtas Health Committee was told yesterday that there has been a significant rise in cases of head and neck cancer. Professor Leo Stassen said he treats over 100 cases of mouth cancer each year, which is …...
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    Sexual Health Here’s Everything You Need To Know About HPV, Because It’s More Common Than You’d Think – Elite Daily

    All it took was one panicked text from my BFF to make me realize how little I knew about STDs and STIs. I was on the Amtrak train, blissfully zoning out to a bluesy Spotify playlist when an alarming message popped up on my phone screen: “OMG. I have … Read more via Elite Daily...
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    Metro Expert: Douching doesn’t prevent HPV, cervical cancer – TODAY.NG

    Dr Kin Egwuchim, a medical officer with Mass Medical Mission, has advised women to stop washing their private part with unhealthy chemicals as preventive measures for Human Papilloma Virus..... Read more via TODAY.NG – https://ift.tt/2Dj1BxV Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    General Health Throat and Anal Cancers Caused by HPV Are on the Rise — Here’s How to Stay Safe – SELF

    The human papillomavirus (HPV) isn’t just the most common sexually transmitted infection—it’s also a common cause of preventable cancers. In fact, according to a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there was an increase in HPV-related cancers between 1999 and...