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    World Uganda government sued over social media tax – IT News Africa news

    The Ugandan government recently introduced a law to tax social media users which went into effect as of July 1 2017. According to BBC, the taxes are an attempt by the government.... Read more via IT News Africa news alert – https://ift.tt/2zrZYvX Get more World News
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    A new malware is making its mark in Africa – Itnewsafrica News

    Hadjizenonos, Country Manager of Check Point South Africa. There’s a new cyber threat on the block, and it’s sneakier than anything we’ve seen before – undoubtedly the reason why it’s the malware of choice for hackers across Africa right now. In fact, though crypto-mining … Read more via IT...
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    African Development Bank launches coding for employment program – Itnewsafrica News

    The Coding for Employment Program is at the centre of the African Development Bank’s Jobs for Youth in Africa Initiative The African Development Bank, together with partners – The Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft and Facebook – launched the Coding for Employment Program at the African...
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    Africa Innovation Summit kicks off in Kigali – Itnewsafrica News

    Africa Innovation Summit Kicks Off in Kigali Showcasing Ground-breaking African Solutions The Prime Minister of ... Read more via IT News Africa news alert – https://ift.tt/2HvC957 Get more: Nigeria Business News
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    African businesses increase cloud budgets to scale operations – IT News Africa news alert

    Cloud computing is reaching ubiquitous adoption among enterprises in Africa. Shrinking IT budgets and increasing pressure to ‘do more with less’ is making cloud computing an attractive option for businesses that want to scale their operations … Read more via IT News Africa news alert –...