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    Forex Trading on the Rise Amid Fake Cryptocurrency Volume Reports

    Cryptocurrency was intended to be fully transparent, with everyone being able to trace coins and tokens between different wallets. This would allow the power users to monitor the situation on the market and make sure that everyone is playing fair. And yet, it appears that this idea has failed...
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    Sponsored What Are the Methods to Predict Forex Changes

    To know how to properly analyze the market is equal to making money on it. The whole essence of work in the financial markets is the ability to predict the price movement. Therefore, leading analysts of the world come up with all the new ways and patterns by which the price moves. But still, at...
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    Sponsored How to Сhoose the Best Forex Trading Strategy

    People think that you just have to find a good Forex trading strategy and you are golden. However, this isn’t quite true. There are many good, profitable strategies. The trick is to find the one that suits you best. The Two Types of Forex Trading Strategies There are two kinds of Forex...