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    General Health Brain Tumor Early Symptoms | Livestrong.com

    Headaches may be the initial symptom that something is wrong. The brain, with its delicate tissue, is enclosed within a rigid skull for protection and has little room for expansion. Headaches may reflect increasing pressure as the tumor grows according to Rush University Medical Center. The...
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    General Health How to Lose Belly, Leg and Arm Fat in Two Months | Livestrong.com – LIVESTRONG.COM

    Instead, a weight-loss plan contains a lot of fiber-rich watery, vegetables to help you feel full on few calories. Use healthy fats such as olive oil to make your own salad dressing. Choose proteins that are low in saturated fat, such as white fish, skinless poultry, lean cuts of beef …...
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    General Health What Are the Causes of Fatigue & Lack of Energy in Men? | Livestrong.com

    Hypogonadism, or male hypgonadiam, is a condition in which the body doesn’t produce enough testosterone—the hormone necessary for masculine growth and development during puberty. You may be born with hypgonadism or develop it later in life, in response to an injury or infection. According to...
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    General Health How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise | Livestrong.com

    Maintain a food diary. Use a notebook, online diary or smartphone app to keep track of the number of calories you eat. Regardless of the method you use, a food diary is most effective when you track every bite you eat, including snacks and samples you eat during food preparation. … Read more...
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    General Health The Best Way to Slim Down in Two Weeks | Livestrong.com

    Minimize stress in your life to prevent your body from producing an excess of cortisol, a stress hormone that triggers hard-to-resist cravings for sugary, fatty foods, which can make you gain weight, particularly around your middle. Take deep, relaxing breaths, meditate or practice yoga or tai...
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    General Health Ovarian Cancer Warning Signs and Symptoms | Livestrong.com

    Bloating, or a feeling of fullness, is one of the most common symptoms of ovarian cancer. However, bloating can be caused by many other conditions, ranging from mild gastric disturbance to irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, to severe abdominal infection. Women with abdominal symptoms may...