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    Looking for Funding? Here Are 7 Financing Programs for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

    For many entrepreneurs around the world, access to financing is a major concern. In “Listening and Learning for Success – What Nigerian Women Entrepreneurs Need,” I describe the needs of women entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Amongst the top issues discussed, was finding methods to reduce the costs...
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    How To Manage Your Finances In 2017

    How To Manage Your Finances In 2017 It's 2017! Amid the troubled economy, we have managed to get here. The complex nature of our nation’s turbulent economy has impacted all Nigerians and left many feeling confused and anxious. The good news is that regardless of how uncertain things may be, the...
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    7 Ways Mentors Are Important In Business

    The value of business mentors cannot be understated, even though some people don't agree. Some times, it isn't the best of game to play for someone venturing into a business/venture without having someone as a guide. A mentor offers valuable insight to things that only experience can teach. It...
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    7 Ways You Can Protect Your Bank Account From Fraudsters

    Unfortunately, fraudsters have no bounds. They are everywhere, which is why keeping close tabs on your financial life is extremely important. You can never be more than careful when it comes to your money – your hard-earned income. What you live on is not something to be joked with. Here is a...
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    9 Important Things You Should Know Before Taking A Bank Loan

    There are different types of personal loans a depositor can take from his bank. While some loans may not be tied to specific purposes, others may be for certain projects such as business, mortgage and car purchase. The lender will also ask specific questions from the borrower to be sure it will...