nigerians in saudi arabia

  1. jade

    Metro FULL LIST: ’23 Nigerians’ on death row in Saudi Arabia - THE CABLE

    At least 23 Nigerians are on the death row in Saudi Arabia for “drug-related offences”, The Nation is reporting. Citing a document, the newspaper said the Nigerians were convicted for contravening the narcotic and psychotropic substances control law, which is punishable by death. They were...
  2. P

    Metro Nigerian Pilgrim Lands In Trouble in Saudi Arabia For Travelling With Kolanuts

    A yet-to-be identified Nigerian pilgrim has landed in trouble in Saudi Arabia for taking kolanuts to the holy land. The pilgrim, PM News learnt, was caught with 10 kolanuts on Monday afternoon. The pilgrim was said to have been fined 10,000 Saudi Riyals, amounting to 1000 Riyals per kolanut...