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    Metro Coronavirus: Lagos records third death - Premium Times Nigeria
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    Business Shell paid $5.63 billion tax, fees to Nigerian govt in 2019 — Report - Premium Times Nigeria News
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    Metro Top Lagos politician arrested for attending Funke Akindele’s party - Premium Times
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    Metro Top Lagos politician arrested for attending Funke Akindele’s party - Premium Times
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    Metro Nigerian university suspends professor for concealing information on suspected COVID-19 case - Premium Times
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    Politics How I recovered from coronavirus – Seyi Makinde – Premium Times Nigeria News
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    Politics COVID-19: Fayemi relaxes Ekiti curfew, flags off food distribution – Premium Times Nigeria News
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    Metro Coronavirus: Nigerian doctors reject country’s plan to invite Chinese medical team - Premium Times Nigeria
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    Metro EXCLUSIVE: Boko Haram War: Nigerian Army suspends voluntary retirement of soldiers – Premium Times Nigeria
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    World Chinese city bans consumption of dog, cats, others – Premium Times Nigeria
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    Metro How state officials violate Nigeria’s Freedom of Information Act - Premium Times
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    Metro Health workers ‘running away’ from Akwa Ibom hospital because of COVID-19 – Premium Times Nigeria
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    World Coronavirus: WHO suspends fight against polio – Premium Times Nigeria News
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    Politics Lockdown: Ogun to open markets every 48 hours – Premium Times Nigeria
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    Metro How confirmed Covid-19 patients ‘escaped from isolation in Osun’ – Premium Times Nigeria
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    World Coronavirus: New York suffers biggest daily death toll yet, pleads for help – Premium Times Nigeria News
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    Metro How Nigerian security operatives killed five prison inmates during riot – Premium Times Nigeria News
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    Metro Islamic clerics arrested for holding Jumat service amidst coronavirus lockdown – Premium Times Nigeria News
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    Metro Six passengers ‘killed in Boko Haram ambush’ – Premium Times Nigeria
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    Metro Police investigate video of suspected soldiers threatening to rape women – Premium Times Nigeria News