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    General Health Easy Habits to Help You Live to 100 | Reader’s Digest – Reader’s Digest

    Everyday Wellness 100 Easy Habits to Help You Live to 100 Denise Mann, MSSep 24 The number of Americans living past 100 is on the rise. Do they know something the rest of us don’t? Maybe. These 100 easy habits could help you hit the century mark, too. Talk … Read more via Reader’s Digest...
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    Family Health Things Your Parents’ Health Reveals About You | Reader’s Digest

    Our genes have a huge impact on our health—so paying attention to your mother’s and father’s wellness can tell you a lot about what may be in store for you. Take a look at these hereditary health traits, many of which may surprise you. Read more via Reader’s Digest https://ift.tt/2NP0NoA
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    Metro I Diagnosed My Own Ovarian Cancer—and It Saved My Life | Reader’s Digest – Reader’s Digest

    Ovarian cancer symptoms are subtle; women—and their doctors—can easily miss them. This woman ... Read more via Reader’s Digest – https://ift.tt/2Px5aCD Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    General Health 12 Silent Signs You Could Have a Tapeworm | Reader’s Digest

    Eating undercooked or raw meat could put you at risk of infection with tapeworms. Learn the signs that this icky parasite has taken up residence in your body. Worms in your stool: One of the freakiest symptoms that can happen, as the tapeworm infection really takes hold, is the appearance of...