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    Politics Reno Omokri - Too Many Lies in Buhari's Autobiography

    Reno Omkori, former aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan has responded to some of the claims contained in President Muhammadu Buhari's autobiography 'Muhammadu Buhari-The Challenges of Leadership in Nigeria' by Professor John Paden. Read Omokri's response below: The book 'Muhammadu...
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    Politics Reno Omokri - ''Even Buhari's wife has turned to a wailer''

    Reno Omokri has welcomed Aisha Buhari, wife of President Muhammadu Buhari to the 'wailers club'. In a Facebook Post, after bits of Aisha Buhari's interview with BBC was published, Omokri wrote, ##Wow! This is explosive! Even Buhari's wife has turned to a wailer! Aisha Buhari has told the BBC...
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    Politics Judges Arrest: Reno Omokri Mocks President Muhammadu Buhari

    A former aide of ex President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, has mocked President Muhammadu Buhari over the recent crackdown on judges nationwide. The presidency had said the action was to fight corruption, a statement which didn't sit well with Reno Omokri. "You claim to have raided Supreme...
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    Politics Recession: After Selling Nigeria's Assets, Buhari May Start to Sell Nigerians - Omokri

    Ex President Goodluck Jonathan's former aide, Reno Omokri, has ripped into the Muhammadu Buhari's administration, condemning the decision to sell of some of the country's assets to combat recession. "If selling off our national assets does not stop the recession, what will be the next step...
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    Politics Jonathan's Ex-Aide, Omokri Criticises Fayose, Others Over Aisha Buhari's Picture

    Former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri on Wednesday criticised Governor Ayodele Fayoe and other Nigerians over insinuations that Mr.s Aisha Buhari's picture with Michelle Obama was photoshopped. Recall that Governor Ayodele through his media aide, Lere Olayinka had raised an...
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    Politics Reno Omokri To Osinbajo - Why is Body Language No Longer Working?

    Former Presidential aide, Reno Omokri is tired of people blaming his former boss, Goodluck Jonathan for everything that is wrong with Nigeria. Read Omokri's essay in response to VP Yemi Osinbajo's recent outburst : How we respond to an issue is in many cases more important than the issue...
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    Politics Plagiarism: Jonathan's Former Aide Warns Buhari Not to Disgrace Nigeria In US

    Former Aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Mr. Reno Omokri has lambasted President Muhammadu Buhari to get qualified speech reader in order to avoid disgracing the country at international scene. Omokri said this as Presidency admitted to plagiarism in President Muhammadu Buhari's Change...
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    Politics Omokri to Lai Mohammed - Jonathan and Buhari Era, Which One Represents Coma

    Former Presidential aide, Reno Omokri has lashed out at Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture for saying that Former President Goodluck Jonathan put Nigeria in a coma. Lashing out at the Minister via Facebook, Omokri wrote, ''Lai Mohammed yesterday said former President Goodluck...
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    Politics Omokri Mocks Agric Minister, Audu Ogbeh Over Rice-Eating Comment

    For his rice consumption comment as being responsible for why the staple food is expensive, aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has come out for Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Audu Ogbeh in a hard way. Screen shot of his comment below:
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    Politics Reno Omokri Mocks Buhari's Ministers

    Former Presidential aide, Reno Omokri has defined the 'change' Nigerians are currently witnessing. See Omokri's definition of change:
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    Politics Gala Has Similarities With APC's Electoral Promises – Reno Omokri

    Reno Omokri, aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan has on his Facebook page, using a pictorial representation of Gala, lashed out at the All Progressives Congress for deceiving Nigerians. Picture and text Below: This gala has similarities with All Progressives Congress - APC's electoral...
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    Politics Why Zuckerberg Did Not Meet Buhari's Minister, Adebayo – Jonathan's Aide, Omokri

    Aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Mr. Reno Omokri has revealed why the Facebook boss, Mark Zuckerberg did not pay visit to the Nigerian government, especially the Minister of Communication, Barr. Shittu Adebayo. Mr. Omokri on his social media account used a picture to depict the age...
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    Metro Reno Omokri - The Igbo as a Blessing to Nigeria

    Reno Omokri, former Presidential aide has published a new opinion piece. On the 15th of August 1945, the axis nations fighting in the Pacific theater defeated imperial Japan and two weeks later, Japan formally surrendered to allied forces led by the U.S. General, Douglas McArthur, who...
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    Metro A Dog Named Buhari and a Hippo Named Patience

    This article on the recent spate of events in the coutry is written by Reno Omokri: I never believed that true life is stranger than fiction until I read the case of Joe Fortemose Chinakwe, the young man who named his dog after his hero, Buhari, only to be arrested and detained by the Nigerian...
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    Politics Reno Omokri: Why the Desperation to Rope in Dr. Goodluck Jonathan?

    Reno Omokri, former aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan is asking why the opposition is so eager to bury his former boss. The coordinated attack on the integrity and credibility of former President Goodluck Jonathan is unfortunate. That the same hastily cooked up lies were reported...
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    Politics South Africa Overtakes Nigeria: No Man Should Blame Jonathan - Omokri

    Reno Omokri, former aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan has reacted to media reports of the South African economy unseating the Nigerian economy as Africa's largest economy. READ: South Africa Overtakes Nigeria As Africa's Largest Economy Read Omokri's reaction below:
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    Politics Omokri -The Media Was a Rottweiler Under GEJ,It is Now a Chihuahua

    Reno Omokri, former aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan believes that the Nigerian media under the Muhammadu Buhari administration is nolonger has vibrant as it was during his former boss. Omokri expressed the view via an opinion piece. Read below: I know Segun Adeniyi, the current...
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    Politics Reno Omokri Throws Interesting Question at VP Osinbajo

    Former Presidential aide, Reno Omokri has a question for Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. See question below:
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    Metro Omokri Blasts Nigerians - You're More Interested in Brexit and AltonSterling Than Your own Problems

    Ex Presidential Adviser Reno Omokri, has condemned Nigerians' interest in extra judicial killings in the United States and Britain's secession from Europe. According to him, Nigerians should instead worry more about their local problems.
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    Politics OPINION: 'President Buhari and His Potty Trained Minister' by Reno Omokri

    Here's an opinion piece from former presidential aide, Reno Omokri, on President Muhammadu Buhari and his ministers. There's special emphasis on Labour Minister Chris Ngige, who recent "ordered" banks to stop sacking workers. Psychologists say that when you spend time with a person who has...