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russia news

  1. Nigeria World News

    World This woman claims she can’t find a job because of her good looks – Myjoyonline

    A 33-year-old law-school graduate from London decided to start her own retail company selling vintage clothes online after struggling to find a job because of her good looks. Russian-born Irina Kova claims that being attractive has made it harder for her to get a job in London, … Read more...
  2. Nigeria World News

    World Putin Will Put Russia Behind an Internet Curtain – Wired

    The week began with dragon’s breath. After a major breach in its firewall, a scrappy security team in the north engaged in an epic battle to rid its system of an infected payload that kept growing bigger and bigger, spewing frozen ice flames across all critical infrastructure. Yes, I’m … Read...
  3. Nigeria World News

    World Vladimir Putin’s official net worth is comically modest – Quartz

    Vladimir Putin’s latest financial disclosure has been posted on the Kremlin website, showing the Russian president earned roughly $135,000 in 2018 from his official salary, a military pension, interest on savings, and investment gains.... Read more via Quartz – http://bit.ly/2UYGcSi Get more...
  4. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro OMG!! Jealous Girlfriend Jailed After Stabbing Her Boyfriend To Death During Picnic – Naijaloaded

    An ‘obsessively jealous’ woman who stabbed her boyfriend to death with a barbecue skewer has been jailed. Svetlana Boyarinova, 27, attacked her partner during a row when the couple were having a picnic with friends at a lake in Russia.... Read more via Naijaloaded – https://ift.tt/2XIR8Ss...
  5. Nigeria World News

    World Venezuela uprising: Russia says it will prevent U.S. military intervention – Plus TV Africa

    Speaker of Russia’s upper house of parliament Valentina Matvienko said on Sunday that Russia will do everything possible to prevent a U.S. military intervention in Venezuela. Ms. Matvienko told Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez in Moscow that Russia was very concerned that the USA...
  6. Nigeria World News

    World Russian Policeman Adored As He Helps A Limping Dog Cross Road (Photos & Video) – Nairaland

    Even the most hardened and cynical internet users seem to have been touched by this viral video of a Russian policeman helping a limping dog through the traffic. Dashcam videos typically capture scenes of brutal violence or spine-chilling accidents, but this particular one excels at triggering...
  7. Nigeria World News

    World Russia Rehearses War Scenario with Internet Shutdown Test – Tom’s Guide

    The Russian government is getting ready for an eventual war scenario, planning a temporary total shutdown from the global internet before April Fools Day. But this test is no joke — it’s really serious stuff. ... Read more via Tom’s Guide – http://bit.ly/2I3rgwH Get more World News
  8. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Eleven-Month-Old Baby Burned To Death By His Drunk Grandparents – Ladun Liadi’s Blog

    An 11-month-old baby was burned alive in a stove by his grandparents, say police. The boy, Maxim Sagalakov, was left by his mother Viktoria, 20, in the care of her parents in the Khakassia district of Russia..... Read more via Ladun Liadi’s Blog – http://bit.ly/2Sd8cAc Get More Nigeria...
  9. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Vladimir Putin Allows Ill Russian Teen To Film His ₦180b “Flying Mansion” Jet – Nairaland

    Russian President Vladimir Putin allowed a seriously ill fifteen year old Russian teenager to make a private tour inside his £390million Ilyushin jet that boast of an office, luxurious bedroom , conference room,kitchen,lounges, gold-plated toilet, gym and full bar. Arslan Kaipkulov ,whose...
  10. Nigeria World News

    World Vladimir Putin declares war on rap music – Laila’s Blog

    Vladimir Putin has got 99 problems and rap is one of them, hence his move to declare war on rap music. Vladimir Putin who declared war on hip-hop on Saturday, claimed tthat “rap is based on three pillars: sex, drugs and protest,” which will lead to “ the degradation of the..... Read more via...
  11. Nigeria World News

    World Putin: Russia will be forced to respond if U.S exits Arms Treaty – Plus TV Africa

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Russia would be forced ... Read more via Plus TV Africa – https://ift.tt/2E5xmck Get more World News
  12. Nigeria World News

    World Legal questions swirl around fate of $50 million penthouse in Trump Tower Moscow – ABC News

    A pair of Trump associates discussed offering the penthouse apartment in Trump Tower Moscow to Russian President Vladimir Putin, a source familiar with the prospective deal told.... Read more via ABC News – https://ift.tt/2DXPbtU Get more World News
  13. Nigeria World News

    World Russia opens civil case against Google over search results – Premium Times Nigeria

    Russia has launched a civil case against Google, accusing it of failing to comply with a legal requirement to remove certain entries from its search results, the country’s communications watchdog said on Monday...... Read more via Premium Times Nigeria – https://ift.tt/2Sc1J4M Get more...
  14. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro 5-yr-old boy gets a Benz from Politician for doing 4,105 push-ups – Pulse.ng News

    Rahim Kurayev, a five-year-old from Chechnya has been gifted a $36,000 white C180 model Mercedes Benz by Chechen leader … Read more via Pulse.ng News – https://ift.tt/2DvTDzN Get More Nigeria Metro News
  15. Nigeria World News

    World Central African Republic: A crisis forgotten by everyone, except Russia – Al Jazeera

    There is something deeply unsettling about seeing a white man posing for pictures, surrounded by young African children calling for help, in the 21st century. Last year, I covered the visit of United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres to the Central African Republic (CAR).... Read...
  16. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Woman Gives Birth In A Supermarket After Going For Shopping.(Photos) – INFORMATION NIGERIA

    A pregnant woman who went to the supermarket for groceries gave birth to a baby at the checkouts 25 minutes later. The Russian woman, 28, was seen on CCTV cradling her bump and calmly explaining to the.... Read more via INFORMATION NIGERIA – https://ift.tt/2ySLRwT Get More Nigeria Metro News
  17. Nigeria World News

    World Floods kill six in southern Russia – The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper

    Six people including an elderly man and woman died in floods in southern Russia, authorities said Friday, as emergency workers struggled to get food and water to the victims.... Read more via The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper – https://ift.tt/2EMGrce Get more World News
  18. Nigeria World News

    World Russia: US nuclear treaty plan ‘dangerous’ – BBC News

    Russia denies building missiles that violate the accord Russia has condemned US plans to withdraw … Read more via BBC News – https://ift.tt/2EyXMFt Get more World News
  19. Nigeria Entertainment News

    Entertainment How tycoon Roman Abramovich blows his millions – South China Morning Post

    Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, owner of the United Kingdom’s Chelsea soccer team, is … via South China Morning Post – https://ift.tt/2Ra4Aef Get more Nigeria Entertainment News
  20. stato

    World US seize Russian oligarch Deripaska’s $42.5million New York mansion – Daily Mail

    Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska’s $42.5million mansion on New York’s Upper East Side has been seized by the US government as part of sanctions placed on the 50-year-old who cooperated with the.... Read more via Daily Mail – https://ift.tt/2IIeDnu Get more World News