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safe sex

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    Sexual Health 4 Things To Try When Your Partner Finds Condoms Painful – The Guardian Nigeria News

    The use of condoms sits high atop the list of safe sex practices that people can imbibe but the truth is not everyone enjoys the use of condoms during sex. Although men come to mind when it comes to being reluctant about … Read more via The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News...
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    Sexual Health Are Condoms 100% Effective? – How Often Do Condoms Fail? – Seventeen.com

    For many people, when you think about safe sex, you immediately think about condoms. According to The Guttmacher Institute, they're the third most common form of contraception in the US, behind the pill and tubal sterilization. But how Read more via “sexual health” – Google News...
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    Sexual Health Everything You Need to Know About Having Safe Sex – AskMen

    Even with all the sex education in the world, there are still aspects of proper safe sex practices that that many men are still unaware of, regardless of experience. It might not seem important to you right now, but the consequences of taking your … Read more via AskMen http://bit.ly/2SCxrMl
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    Sexual Health 10 Things Every Sexually Active Adult Should Know

    Let’s talk about sex. If that phrase alone makes you squirm in your chair, keep reading and know that you are not alone. Sexual health is often thought of as an off-limits topic when it comes to general interpersonal interactions. Somehow over time, sex became a taboo subject, so most people...
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    Metro Safe sex is the best sex – St. Louis American

    Human nature is pretty simple at times. We tend to respond to dramatic events, loud situations, or anything that catches our attention in a grand fashion. However, small, incremental differences can sometimes be ignored or thought to be non-important. Stable circumstances can often give a false...
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    Safe Sex: How To Protect Your Daughter With Education

    ‘‘Don’t get pregnant’’ – was the only sex education I got from my mother when I had my first period at 14. She didn’t show me how to attach the sanitary pad to my panties, sanitary hygiene, use contraception – nothing. I learnt everything from the girls in school and the string of boyfriends...