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    Sexual Health Masturbation Has Benefits Beyond Feeling Good – Scary Mommy

    As Valentine’s Day rolls around, you may be thinking about the kind of romantic present you’ll be jonesing to receive. Well, I’m here to let you in on a lil’ secret that’s the best damn gift ever.... Read more via Scary Mommy https://ift.tt/2ShNoXm
  2. naija questions

    General Health What To Know About The HPV Vaccine – Scary Mommy

    As a parent of two teenagers, the topic of sex comes up pretty frequently in our house. My husband and I have an open, honest dialogue with our teens because we want them to have accurate information when it comes time to make decisions with their sexual partners. We … Read more via Scary...
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    General Health What Breast Cancer Survivors Wish You Knew – Scary Mommy

    Three years ago, my life and body changed forever when I had two cancerous tumors removed, both breasts, and 13 lymph nodes. I am grateful for each day that I get to walk on this earth; however, I will never be the same again. I mean it’s not like … Read more via Scary Mommy...