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    Sexual Health This is the symptom you should never ignore after sex – Marie Claire

    Sex can leaves us feeling many things – euphoric, confused, hungry, and even guilty (if it’s an ex that you were supposed to be avoiding – we’ve all been there). But while post-sex emotional symptoms are pretty common, some physical symptoms aren’t. Sure, you might feel achey or have … Read...
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    Sexual Health Looking to Beat Premature Ejaculation? Here’s How – AskMen

    Is your penis a little quick on the trigger, so to speak? Don’t freak — as many as one in three men experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. It’s so normal, in fact, that the Mayo Clinic regards premature ejaculation as … Read more via AskMen https://ift.tt/2UiSlyN
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    General Health People Who Use Emojis Have More Sex and Go on More First Dates – menshealth.com

    Have a habit of getting heavy handed with the emoji keyboard? There’s no need to rein in your texting habits, because a new study has revealed that relentless … Read more via “sexual health” – Google News https://ift.tt/2NhSv7X
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    General Health Trying to boost your brain health with sudoku, sugar or even sex? Let’s take a look at the evidence – ABC News

    Do you do cryptic crosswords in an attempt to boost your brain health? Or have you heard that omega-3, a sugar boost, or even getting busy in the bedroom is good for your grey matter? Let's take a look at some of the things we often hear are good for our brain, review the evidence... Read...
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    Sexual Health Active sex life tied to long-term survival after a heart attack – Reuters

    (Reuters Health) – Heart attack survivors who have an active sex life are less likely than celibate counterparts to die in the decades following a first heart attack, … Read more via “sexual health” – Google News https://ift.tt/2LRUpfz
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    Metro Is prostitution legal in Nigeria?

    It appears only the sellers get into trouble and then released without charge after rumours of abuse.
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    General Health Is Sex Good Medicine for Parkinson’s? – WebMD Health

    Can sex help improve the health of a Parkinson’s patient? It might — at least for some. So claims a new two-year study that tracked the sexual habits and disease progression among 355 Parkinson’s patients. “This is in line with data showing … Read more via WebMD Health https://ift.tt/2LV4o2S
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    Sexual Health 3 Reasons Sex With Smaller Penises Is Fantastic – Ekomiamiblog

    In this era where we think we have all attained relative sexual enlightenment and everyone is civilized to an extent, there’s some surprisingly basic stuff that we still find awkward — such as sex with small penises... Read more via Ekomiamiblog https://ift.tt/2LPMrmd
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    General Health 5 truths about sex in a long-term relationship – Pulse Nigeria

    Here’s what you can expect to experience in your sex life when you’ve been with your partner for a long time. In your teenage, pre-adulthood years when you weren’t getting any or a lot of sex, you would probably have thought about adults and married people and … Read more via Pulse Nigeria...
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    Sexual Health Why sex becomes less satisfying with age – EurekAlert

    The number of women regularly having sex declines with age, and the number of women enjoying sex postmenopause is even lower. Although these facts are … Read more via “sexual health” – Google News https://ift.tt/2NHlSlL
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    Sexual Health How to have safe sex (and a fulfilling sex life) when you have an STI – Well+Good

    When it comes to Things You Never Want to Hear Your Doctor Say, “Your STI test came back positive” is right up there with “I’ve never seen something like this before!” Sexually transmitted infections are popularly cast as boogeymen of the bedroom—and considering all the damage having one can...
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    Sexual Health Tight Vagina – Why Your Vagina Might Feel Tight Or Irritated During Sex And Penetration – Women’s Health

    It’s a logical conclusion: If it hurts when a partner tries to put their penis or a toy inside of you, or if they can’t get all the way inside, then it must be a problem of tightness, right? Ehhh, not exactly..... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News http://bit.ly/2JHDoUp
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    Sexual Health What is rimming: how to safely enjoy anilingus – Netdoctor

    You've probably heard of rimming, but you'd be forgiven for not knowing exactly what it means. The term refers to anal foreplay with the tongue - specifically licking, penetrating, sucking, kissing, or otherwise orally stimulating your partner's anus. People of all genders and sexual...
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    Sexual Health Wait, Is It Possible My Vagina Is TOO Tight To Have Sex? – Yahoo Lifestyle

    It’s a logical conclusion: If it hurts when a partner tries to put their penis or a toy inside of you, or if they can’t get all the way inside, then it must be a problem of tightness, right? Ehhh, not exactly. There are several reasons for why you might feel like you’re too tight for vaginal...
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    Sexual Health How to Restart Your Sex Life After a Divorce – Prevention

    Are you recently (or not so recently) divorced and out there in the dating world for the first time in, well, what feels like forever? Getting to the part of a new relationship where you take off your clothes can be challenging, or even downright intimidating. That’s where we come … Read...
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    General Health Discovery: HIV Can Be Prevented After Unprotected Sex – Leadership Newspaper

    HIV-suppressing medication can make the AIDS virus “untransmittable,” even among couples who have sex without using condoms, new research showed, yesterday. The Europe-wide study monitored nearly 1,000 gay male couples over a period of eight years, where one partner was HIV-positive and...
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    Sexual Health Rego: Scheduling sex can improve its quality – Collegian News

    No matter how busy our schedules are, we all need a little bit of sexy time. Actually scheduling time to jump in the sack can improve the quality of the activity itself. As college students our schedules are full of studying and exams, making it almost impossible to have... Read more via...
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    Sexual Health Want to Be Happier at Work? Have Sex First – AskMen

    Sex at Home Leads to Happier Workers, Says Science Sex matters. It turns out whether you have a healthy sex life can affect more than just your time at home, it can also impact your work.... Read more via AskMen https://ift.tt/2OizG2Z
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    Sexual Health Here’s what happens when you have sex frequently – Pulse Nigeria – Nigeria

    Read on for what happens to your body when you have sex often. You can get a lot of benefits, be it physical or emotional, for leading an active sex life. But there are also reasons to be a little cautious before you have more sex than what your body can handle. Below are some things that...
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    Sexual Health Why everyone’s responsible for preventing sex assaults on Richmond Row – CBC.ca

    There were seven sexual assaults reported to London police at major Richmond Row bars in almost a three-year period, but no charges were laid, numbers obtained by CBC News reveal. The stats paint a picture of how difficult it is to report sexual assault and how … Read more via “sexual...