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    Metro Sholaye Jeremi Buys 2020 Jaguar For His Mother On Her Birthday - Nairaland

    Linda Ikeji’s baby daddy, Sholaye Jeremi who has been mum since his son, Jayce Jeremy was birth, is presently making headlines for surprising his mum recently in the most beautiful way. Sholaye got his mum a 2020 Jaguar for her birthday today in Sapele, Delta state. It is valued at around...
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    Entertainment Who Is Sholaye Jeremi?

    Who is sholaye jeremi?
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    Entertainment What Does Sholaye Jeremi Do?

    Linda Ikeji confirmed the rumours of her baby daddy today but several questions have been asked regarding what he does.........., some social media users say he is broke, others say he is in polictics........ Who is Sholaye Jeremi? What Does He do?
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    Entertainment Linda Ikeji: How Sholaye Jeremi Dumped Me After I Got Pregnant For Him

    Its Friday and one of the biggest news you will hear today is that of Linda Ikeji... The media mogul posted beautiful pictures of he son, Jayden Jeremi and also gave details on how teh realtionship with her baby daddy got worse since her pregnancy .......
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    Entertainment Linda Ikeji's Shares First Photos Of Her Son As She Exposes Identity Of His Father

    The media mogul made this revelation on her Instagram page on Friday, December 14, 2018. According to her the father of her son is Jeremi Sholaye who she also said was a closed chapter in her life. "Meet my son Jayce! . And yes, Sholaye Jeremi is his dad. Unfortunately, he and I are a...
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    Entertainment Linda Ikeji confirms her baby daddy is from Delta state – Laila’s Blog

    Nigerian celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji who is currently in Atlanta, United States to welcome her baby, has confirmed that her baby daddy is from Delta State. The confirmation was made in a new post she shared...… Read more via Laila’s Blog – Get more Nigeria...