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skin cancer

  1. naija questions

    General Health ‘It was as small as a dot’: 20-year-old finds deadly melanoma on sole of foot – TODAY.com

    As a young, healthy African American, University of Kentucky football player Joshua Paschal didn’t think he could get melanoma. The deadliest form of skin cancer is rare among African-Americans, so he wasn’t worried when a tiny dark spot appeared on the sole of his right foot early last year...
  2. naija questions

    General Health When to stop scratching that itch and see a doctor about it instead – South China Morning Post

    I have an occasional “phantom” itch in the middle of my back in a place I cannot reach. I use a long-handled comb to give it a good scratch. There’s no obvious cause – no rash, no irritation or redness... Read more via South China Morning Post http://bit.ly/2VH3XiK
  3. stato

    World Skin implant ‘could help warn of cancer’ – BBC News

    The implant causes a mole to form when high levels of calcium are detected Scientists have created a skin implant they say could one day be used to help detect some of the most common cancers. It works by looking for elevated levels of calcium in the blood, which is linked to some cancers...