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  1. Samguine

    Sponsored How To Build Your Website In 5 MINUTES With HUB8 Website Builder

    The idea of launching a website might seem like an elaborate task that is meant for high-tech coding experts who have spent several years mastering the skills needed to design and develop a website. This is true, about 20 years ago. If you don't know by now that you can build your own...
  2. Samguine

    Sponsored Introducing MAX: Custodian Investment PLC Launches Nigeria's First Ever Insurance Chatbot

    Custodian Investment PLC - leading insurance company in Nigeria – has launched Nigeria’s first ever Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot in the insurance sector, leveraging technology to deploy enhanced personalized services to its customers. This Chatbot named Max will interact with customers...
  3. Samguine

    Sponsored Spectranet: Watch The Adventures Of Bona (Bona And The World Cup)

    As the FIFA 2018 World Cup begins, Spectranet offers customers fantastic prizes while they enjoy faster connectivity
  4. Samguine

    Sponsored New! 5-in-1 Promo Offer: Buy a Smartwatch at 75% Discount and Receive 4 Free Gifts INSTANTLY!

    Limited Time Sales Promo Offer ! The Android Watch That Functions Like Smartphone Introducing the Craziest Offer You Can't Find Nowhere Else.... Order Now, Save a Whopping 75% Cash back in your pocket. This Android Smartwatch has Two working mode: One is Company mode, which enables you to...
  5. Samguine

    Sponsored Apply For Master of Business Administration (100% Online) at American Management School At US$495

    American Management School, the affiliate virtual business school of Asian Center of Education and Training, is an independent online institution. The School currently offers online MBA program with the mission to make this qualification accessible and affordable. This MBA program is well...
  6. Samguine

    Sponsored 7 Things To Keep In Mind While Looking For Used Cars For Sale In Nigeria

    Used cars are always less expensive than the new ones and often come in good condition. But just like buying new ones, used cars buyers need to know certain things to get a good deal. Click to get crucial understanding about buying used cars in Nigeria. Although there are various brand new...
  7. Samguine

    Sponsored Latest SA News: DA Officially Revokes Patricia de Lille’s Party Membership

    The Democratic Alliance (DA) has officially revoked Patricia de Lille’s party membership. The DA’s federal executive, the party’s highest decision-making body, made the announcement earlier on Tuesday morning. De Lille must now either resign as Cape Town mayor or take the matter to the courts...
  8. Samguine

    Sponsored Olymp Trade: Helping You Enter The World Of Trading

    Breaking barriers to entry into trading The ease and comfort that the internet has brought into our lives is incredible. This world now offers plenty of choices to earn additional money through various online services, including trading. Why is trading of special significance? Because there...
  9. Samguine

    Sponsored Earn 15% Commission With HUB8 Web Hosting And Domain Affiliate Program

    The need to make money is imbibed in every human being since we all have learned from an early age that money is the driving force behind most human endeavors. In the past making money is limited to the physical world as little was known about the internet. Now it is possible for you and me to...
  10. Samguine

    Sponsored How A Teacher Earned 135 Million Naira (N135m) Last Year On The Binomo Trading Platform

    Cameron Baidoo used to be a primary school teacher in Lagos. He never wondered about making a great deal to have a luxurious life. Like everyone, he worked to at least make end meets, to pay the bill, raise his children and send them to school. He never felt a need for anything else. About one...
  11. Samguine

    Sponsored Review: Binomo Trading Platform Impresses, Wins Best In Africa Award In Nigeria

    Among the countless trading platforms available for futures contracts, there are those that stand out significantly from their competitors. One such company is Binomo, which for several years has been holding the leading position in all sorts of rankings. Let’s take a closer look at this...
  12. Samguine

    Sponsored The Rise Of Online Gaming Beyond Europe

    If you thought that going to Las Vegas isn't something that you would want to do time and again, don't worry - online gaming is on the rise. It isn't just about traditional markets like U.K. and U.S. we are talking about here, online gaming is far more popular today than just that. In newer...
  13. Samguine

    Sponsored 4 Important Ways To Stay Calm At Work

    Each of us experiences negative emotions at work. Stress, panic, fear, discontent - unfortunately, all this is perfectly familiar to all of us. An overabundance of negative stuff is a direct way to professional burnout. In this article, we will give you practical advice on how to cope with...
  14. Samguine

    Revealed: Why Online Games Are Good For Your Health

    Oftentimes, slot machines and other games of chance are considered to be risky and detrimental kicks. Is such a biased attitude to this very popular hobby fair enough? It has been said that online games have a positive impact on human physiology and psychology. It has been scientifically proven...
  15. Samguine

    N20 Billion Daily Loss: Dangote Assures On Timely Completion Of Apapa Road

    President of Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote has assured that the Apapa Port Wharf concrete road currently under construction by his company, AG Dangote would be delivered on schedule to save the people and businesses the hassles of the traffic gridlock being experienced now. He gave the assurance...
  16. Samguine

    Tennis: Why The Popular Sport Is Set To Dominate For A Long Time

    Nowadays tennis is one of the most popular competitive sports. Tennis implies everything even for the most demanding fans: speed, passion, pressure, unpredictability and emotions. The best sportsmen compete with each other for the world tennis crown. Tennis originated in the end of the 19th...
  17. Samguine

    Nerilus Announces Application For Its Global Analyst Training Program

    Nerilus International has opened application for its Global Analyst Training Program focused on empowering entry-level Analysts. The program provides career-minded graduates a competitive head-start and a meaningful introduction to a thriving and lasting career. According to the Managing Partner...
  18. Samguine

    Anambra, Kaduna And Kano States Join Open Government Partnership

    Anambra, Kaduna and Kano states of Nigeria have officially joined OGP the Open Government Partnership (OGP). It is targeted on implementing transparency reforms in the country. As it became known to NAIJ Nigeria, the governors of Anambra, Kaduna, and Kano states officially signed the letter...
  19. Samguine

    3 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Job Offers

    Imagine the situation. You are a professional with years of experience, qualifications and charisma. But, despite all of this, it is difficult for you to find your place on the labor market. Wonder why this is happening? Because you have not posted your resume here...
  20. Samguine

    FIDA Demands The Realization Of Child Rights Laws In Nigeria

    FIDA, the well-known global federation of women lawyers, has invoked the government of Nigeria to deal with massive infrastructural challenges preventing the development of the Nigerian children future. It happened on May 27, 2017, when the country celebrated Children’s day 2017. As it has...
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