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    Business Techpoint will host the largest technology conference in Africa this June — Techpoint Inspired – Techpoint.Africa

    At Techpoint Inspired 2019, we will explore tech talent development, the impact of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, Gaming, Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing, etc. and how they can solve our societal problems as a continent..... Read more via...
  2. Nigeria Business News

    Business How Jumia’s planned listing on New York Stock Exchange is strategic for MTN, Rocket Internet – Techpoint.Africa

    The possible reasons why the owners of Jumia are considering the New York Stock Exchange for its IPO instead of an African alternative..... Read more via Techpoint.Africa – Get more: Nigeria Business News
  3. Nigeria Business News

    Business Confirmed: DealDey has shut down operations – Techpoint.Africa

    Following one month of inactivity on its website and social media pages, it is confirmed that Nigerian daily deals platform DealDey has shut down operations. According to a source close to the matter, the company shut down … Read more via Techpoint.Africa – Get more...
  4. Nigeria Business News

    Business Prepare to meet the Techpoint team in Akure, Ife, Ibadan and Abeokuta – Techpoint.Africa

    Techpoint Innovation Tour 2018 (South-Western Nigeria edition) will kick off on Sunday 4th, November 2018. There is an opportunity for startups, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts in the following regions to engage the Techpoint team up close.... Read more via Techpoint.Africa –...
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    Metro Here’s what we know about the ₦13,000 smartphone Google announced in 2017 – Techpoint.Africa

    During the Google for Nigeria event held in 2017, Google announced various new product features and initiatives for the African market including Street View, YouTube GO, digital skills for Africa, funding for African startups and of course a ₦13,000 ($35) smartphone.... Read more via...
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    Business Confirmed: Zoto has shut down operations in Nigeria – Techpoint.Africa

    Mobile recharge and payment solutions platform, Zoto has been off the radar for quite a while now. Zoto’s problems appear to have started in June 2018, which is when users began complaining about their inability to transact on the app, some of them even losing money in the process. … Read...
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    World Ethiopian-based developer marketplace, Gebeya, acquires mother company – Techpoint.Africa

    One of Africa’s most elite software talent schools, Gebeya has pulled off an astonishing feat acquiring mother company, CODERS4AFRICA. In the new era, Gebeya will be absorbing CODERS4AFRICA totally within its business model and branding strategy. Read more via Techpoint.Africa –...