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    World Fossil shows modern humans left Africa earlier than thought – The Boston Globe

    A fossil found in Israel indicates modern humans may have left Africa as much as 100,000 years earlier than previously thought. via The Boston Globe – Get more World News
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    World At least 38 dead in twin suicide bombings in Baghdad – The Boston Globe

    Two suicide bombers blew themselves up at a busy street market, officials said. via The Boston Globe – Get more World News
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    World Queen Elizabeth II goes rogue with a ‘conversation’ – The Boston Globe

    LONDON — In the annals of television interviews, a drawing-room chat with a 91-year-old woman, watching home movies and offering occasional droll remarks, would not seem like edgy stuff. But that all changes when the woman is Queen Elizabeth II. “The Coronation,” a documentary on the 1953...
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    World Evangelicals’ support for Trump tested by his vulgar epithets – The Boston Globe

    Some conservative Christians expressed support for the president, while others called him racist. via The Boston Globe – Get more World News