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    Warning: free hotel wifi is a hacker’s dream – the Guardian

    You’ve just arrived at the hotel after a delayed flight and a half-hour wrangle with the car-hire firm. And then you remember that you’ve forgotten to pay last month’s credit card bill, and there’ll be an interest charge if you wait until you’re back at base... Read more via the Guardian...
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    Why you should always say no to an extreme marriage proposal – the Guardian

    Last weekend, a marriage proposal took place in Russia that went viral. The video showed a woman being dragged from her car by numerous masked “gunmen”, slammed on the bonnet and generally terrorised, before her boyfriend, who was in the car – and also in on the act, got … Read more via the...
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    General Health Growing evidence suggests Parkinson’s disease starts in gut – the Guardian

    Evidence that Parkinson’s disease may start off in the gut is mounting, according to new research showing proteins thought to play a key role in the disease can spread from the gastrointestinal tract to the brain. The human body naturally forms a protein called alpha-synuclein which is found...
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    Sexual Health Nimko Ali: ‘Orgasms and sexual pleasure are a human right. I guard these things with my life’ – The Guardian

    here is a Somali phrase, says Nimko Ali, that sums up the paradox of her status both as a survivor of female genital mutilation (FGM) and an activist seeking to eradicate it. “‘Bilaa xishood’. It means ‘Do you have no shame?’ Since the age of seven, when I started talking Read more via...
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    Why smelling good could come with a cost to health – the Guardian

    About 4,000 chemicals are currently used to scent products, but you won’t find any of them listed on a label. Fragrance formulations are considered a “trade secret” and therefore protected from disclosure – even to regulators or manufacturers. Instead, one word, fragrance, appears on...