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    World Android PDF app with just 100m downloads caught sneaking malware into mobes – The Register

    An Android PDF maker with more than 100 million downloads from the official Play Store has been caught silently installing malware on victims’ phones. Kaspersky’s eggheads Igor Golovin and.... Read more via The Register – https://ift.tt/2LbWoZx Get more World News
  2. Nigeria World News

    World Google: We’re not killing ad blockers. Translation: We made them too powerful, we’ll cram this genie back in its bottle – The Register

    Analysis Google on Wednesday defended its pending work-in-progress updates to Chrome that will change the way extensions filter out web adverts and other content..... Read more via The Register – http://bit.ly/2Wyz7EJ Get more World News
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    World iPhone 8 now outsells X, and every other phone – The Register News

    One day Apple may look back on its great iPhone X adventure and view it as an embarrassing midlife crisis, like running off with the au pair. The iPhone 8, based on a four-year-old design, was the best-selling phone in the world in May, according to Counterpoint Research. … Read more via...
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    World UK privacy watchdog to fine Facebook 18 mins of profit (£500,000) for Cambridge Analytica – The Register News

    UK privacy watchdog to fine Facebook 18 mins of profit (£500,000) for Cambridge Analytica Wow, Mark Zuckerberg must … Read more via The Register – https://ift.tt/2umi4d3 Get more World News
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    Firefox to feature sponsored content as of next week – The Register

    The Mozilla Foundation has revealed that links to sponsored content have started to appear in its Firefox browser and pledged it delivers them without invading users’ privacy. Mozilla flagged it would add sponsored links to its browser in January 2018, after the 2017 acquisition of...