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    Entertainment Maje Made Me Film a Sex Tape and Bleach My Skin - Toke Makinwa

    Toke Makinwa in her memoir 'On Becoming' shared very personal details of her life. She talked about bleaching to make her ex-husband Maje Ayida happy and recording a sex tape with him. Toke wrote, ''At some point while we were dating, Maje had asked if he could tape us having sex. This was...
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    Entertainment Toke Makinwa Throws Birthday Party For Her Dog

    Media personality, Toke Makinwa threw a party for her dog, Coco on Friday. The party was in celebration of Coco's 6 months with her.
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    Entertainment Toke Makinwa Publishes Tell-All Book

    Toke Makinwa has finally unveiled her project 'On becoming'. Contrary to expectations, the project 'On becoming' is a book. Toke took to Instagram to share the first picture of her book and tell the story of how the book came to be. “At the beginning of last year (2015) when the lord told...
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    Entertainment Toke Makinwa's New Man Throws Her Surprise Birthday Party [PHOTOS]

    Toke Makinwa turned a year older on Thursday, November 3rd and the new man in her life made sure she felt special. Toke shared several photos and videos on her Instagram of the surprise party thrown for her by the new man whom she refers to as ''my beloved''.
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    Entertainment Toke Makinwa Shares Short Clip From Her Upcoming Project

    Media personality, Toke Makinwa on Thursday shared a little insight into her upcoming project "On becoming". In the video, Toke follows her life through the crash of her marriage, her rise and falls afterwards. See video:
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    Entertainment Toke Makinwa Talks About Her Fitness Journey - 'It's all about looking good''

    Toke Makinwa in the latest episode of her Vlog 'Toke Makinwa' talks about her fitness journey and becoming a size 6. She said, ''It's all about looking good.'' ''I got into fitness because i was sad and needed a punching bag.'' ''I needed to go to the gym and feel like i was punching...
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    Entertainment Toke Makinwa Writes - ''Dear Future Husband..''

    Media Personality, Toke Makinwa has a message for her next husband. See Toke's message as posted on Instagram:
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    Entertainment Toke Makinwa - Should a Woman Chase a Man? [VIDEO]

    Toke Makinwa in a new episode of her vlog “Toke Moments” talks about the rules of dating and whether girls should sometimes go after a man they want. ''I don't succumb to this new school, new rules. i believe that a guy has to the chasing'' ''A guy has to chase the babe. I believe so strongly...
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    Entertainment Kemi Olunloyo Writes an Epistle to Toke Makinwa

    Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo wants Toke Makinwa to delete a Vlog in which she gave advice to people in their 20's. ''Kiss a Stranger...'' - What Everybody Should Do in Their 20s By Toke Makinwa [VIDEO] In an Instagram post, Kemi wrote: MY STATEMENT ON TOKE MAKINWA''S VIDEO After watching Toke's...
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    Entertainment OAP Freeze Writes Open Letter to Toke Makinwa

    OAP Freeze has written in support of Toke Makinwa after one of Vlogs garnered public outrage. ''Kiss a Stranger...'' - What Everybody Should Do in Their 20s By Toke Makinwa [VIDEO] In an Instagram post dedicated to Toke, Freeze wrote, ''Dear Toke, I have known you longer than most people...
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    Entertainment Toke Makinwa Dishes Wisdom on Friendship [VIDEO]

    Toke Makinwa in her new Vlog talks about friendship. She says, ''That friendship is not working, b*tch you need to cut. That person is jealous of you, sprinkles holy water'' ''With friends like you who needs enemies, with friends like you no wonder everyone knows all my business''. ''My best...
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    Entertainment Toke Makinwa Claps Back at Critics - "My Vlog is not for everybody"

    Media personality, Toke Makinwa has lashed out at critics of her vlog. Toke via a series of tweet blasted the critics who accessed her of advising young girls to engage in risky activities like kissing strangers and having one night stands. ''Kiss a Stranger...'' - What Everybody Should Do in...
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    Entertainment Toke Makinwa's Estranged Husband 'Maje Ayida' Crawls Out of Hiding,Grants Interview [VIDEO]

    Maje Ayida, estranged Husband of Media Personality, Toke Makinwa is done hiding. Ayida granted an interview to Thelca Wilkie during which he talked about his Toke. ''She's going to keep flying, she's going to soar. She's a great person.You guys just haven't seen anything yet,'' Ayida...
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    Entertainment Toke Makinwa - 5 Ways to Get Back to Dating After a Bad Heartbreak

    Toke Makinwa in the latest episode of her Vlog talks about how to get back to dating after a bad heartbreak. She said, ''Acceptance is one of the biggest challenges''. ''Accept that this is the new norm.'' ''Number 2 - no pressure. Take your time,'' Toke says. Watch video below:
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    Entertainment Toke Makinwa - 5 Things You Should Know About Me

    Media personality, Toke Makinwa in her new vlog complains about her trip to New York. She also shares 5 things about her in the new Vlog. According to her the five things people should know about her are , ''Number 1: I'm a very spiritual person. I Don't fight people, i report them to God''...
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    Entertainment Toke Makinwa - God Please Send Me a Husband

    Media personality, Toke Makinwa is in dire need of a husband. Ms. Makinwa disclosed her need while commenting on honeymoon photos of newly married Kunbi Oyelese and husband Lanre Tomori. Commenting alongside other friends, Toke asked God to remember her and provide a boo for her. See screenshot:
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    Entertainment 'An Evening With Jidenna' [PHOTOS]

    'Classic Man' Jidenna on Wednesday night had a special show ''An evening with Jidenna'. The event was attended by Banky W, Toke Makinwa and several other Nigerian celebrities. See photos from the event:
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    Entertainment Toke Makinwa - ''I haven't been this happy in years''

    Toke Makinwa wants the world to know that she hasn't '' been this happy in years''. She made the announcement via Instagram. We are unsure what triggered the announcement, self love maybe? See post below:
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    World Tokyo Elects Yuriko Koiko As First Female Governor

    Yuriko Koike has been elected Tokyo’s first woman governor, pledging to regain control of the capital’s 2020 Olympic spending. Koiko, the former Defense Minister was elected on Sunday. “I will lead Tokyo politics in an unprecedented manner, a Tokyo you have never seen,” said Koike, who ran as...
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    Entertainment ''Kiss a Stranger...'' - What Everybody Should Do in Their 20s By Toke Makinwa [VIDEO]

    Toke Makinwa in her latest edition of Toke Moments has listed a few things everybody should do in their 20's. According to Toke, when in your 20s, you should pierce your body parts, kiss a starnger and even have a one night stand. See video below: