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    Metro 5-Foot iPhone Headstone Immortalizes Russian Woman – Ubergizmo News

    People visiting a Russian cemetery were taken by surprise when they saw a unique headstone that’s not something that you would expect to see in that … Read more via Ubergizmo News – https://ift.tt/2OnKnDT Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    Business Google Cryptocurrency Ad Ban Has Been Relaxed – Ubergizmo

    To prevent people from falling victim to cryptocurrency scams that were reaching a fever pitch during the heights of the cryptocurrency boom just a few months ago, Google decided to ban all sorts of cryptocurrency-related ads on its network. The internet search giant has now decided to relax...
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    Entertainment Henry Cavill Is Reportedly Done With His Role As ‘Superman’ – Ubergizmo

    For those who are hoping to see a Superman movie sequel, you might be disappointed to learn if and when that does happen, actor Henry Cavill will not be playing the role of Superman anymore. This is according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter who has heard from sources that … via...
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    World 2019’s iPhones Still Won’t Adopt In-Display Fingerprint Sensor – Ubergizmo

    One of the rumored features of the more recent iPhones is that it would adopt an in-display fingerprint sensor. However instead of that, Apple removed the home button and gave us Face ID instead, a facial recognition... Read more via Ubergizmo – https://ift.tt/2wNhdnz Get more World News
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    Business Toyota Confirms $500 Million Investment In Uber – Ubergizmo

    It was reported yesterday that Toyota might decide to invest $500 million in Uber for self-driving cars. The report wasn’t immediately confirmed by either company but it has... Read more via Ubergizmo – https://ift.tt/2Lzzh99 Get more: Nigeria Business News
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    Entertainment Spider-Man: Far From Home Additional Cast Members Revealed – Ubergizmo

    Spoiler alert! For those who stuck around after Avengers: Infinity War, you probably saw how characters Nick Fury and Maria Hill were “killed” by Thanos.... via Ubergizmo – https://ift.tt/2vNq8Ep Get more Nigeria Entertainment News
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    World Baidu Says They Will Beat Google Even If They Return To China – Ubergizmo

    If the rumors are true, Google is apparently planning to make a return to China where they will launch a censored version of its search engine to appease the local government. However given Google’s absence in the country for as long as it has been, obviously the competition has … Read more...
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    World Huawei Wants To Be The First To Release A Foldable Smartphone – Ubergizmo

    It has long been rumored that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone. The company is expected to finally release its long-awaited device early next year. However, Huawei is reportedly rushing to be the first to market with a foldable smartphone, a device that’s foldable in the true sense...
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    Apple Launches Battery Replacement Program For Some 13-inch MacBook Pros – Ubergizmo

    If you bought a 13-inch MacBook Pro without Touch Bar between October 2016 to October 2017, it seems that you might be eligible for a battery replacement. This is because Apple has recently launched a battery replacement program for the laptop where they claim that there is an issue … Read...
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    World Alleged Video Shows Off The Samsung Galaxy S9 In Action – Ubergizmo

    With Samsung expected to show off the Galaxy S9 at MWC 2018, it means that we won’t have to wait much longer to see what the company has in store for us. Now thanks to a leaked video that has made its way online, we might have gotten an idea of … via Ubergizmo – http://ift.tt/2DwTDNe Get...
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    Business Huawei Phones Will Now Offer Android Messages App By Default –

    Google has announced that its Android Messaging app has been selected by Huawei as its default messaging app. This means that Huawei’s upcoming smartphones will offer the Android Messages app as the default messaging app in all markets. It’s a win for Google as the company continues to expand...
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    Business US Variant Of The Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ Spotted At The FCC – Ubergizmo

    Last year you might recall that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ were spotted at the FCC. Those were the international variants, and now it appears that the US variants of the handset have since arrived at the FCC as well, sporting the model numbers SM-G960U (Galaxy S9) and SM-G965U (Galaxy …...