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  1. Samguine

    Adedamola! A Tale Of Ekiti's Wisest And Danfo 322 #Paycode322Series

    Based on true events. Adedamola is what you call a drama king; not like he has a crown for it, it’s just you can spot him in the dark because he is always talking. He is the kind to wake up by 8 when work starts at 9; “I’ll just nap another 30 minutes” he convinces himself. This morning, he...
  2. Samguine

    500 Nigerians To Win Over 5 Million For Using Their Verve Card on

    BIG WIN Alert!!! Beautiful surprises and enough to go around as Verve and Quickteller keeps putting smiles on faces with rewards to make you tingle. This is the deal. Use your Verve Card on and stand a chance to be among the 500 lucky winners. Be part of 300 winners who will...