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    General Health Coffee May Slow Spread of Colon Cancer – WebMD Health

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    World What Changing Death Rates Tell Us About COVID-19 – WebMD Health

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    World Multiple Studies Find Steroids Fight Severe COVID – WebMD Health

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    World FDA Approves New Rapid Coronavirus Test – WebMD Health

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    World Autopsies Show Microplastics in Major Human Organs – WebMD Health

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    World Could Bats Hold Clues to COVID Treatments? – WebMD Health

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    General Health Another COVID Symptom Joins the List: Mouth Rash – WebMD Health

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    World Doctors update warning signs of severe COVID – WebMD Health

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    World FDA Warns Against Malaria Drugs to Treat COVID-19 – WebMD Health

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    General Health Voice-Assisted Tech Can Be a Driving Hazard – WebMD Health

    (HealthDay News) — The risks of using voice-based technology in your car may be greater than you think. Many consider this technology safer than using their hands to operate devices while driving, but it’s not … Read more via WebMD Health https://wb.md/2OP4l8a
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    General Health Depression Plus HIV Can Turn Deadly – WebMD Health

    (HealthDay News) — When it coincides with HIV, depression appears associated with an increased risk of death, a new study says. Researchers analyzed data from the U.S. Veteran’s Aging Cohort Study to compare the risk … Read more via WebMD Health https://wb.md/2YRvHPx
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    General Health Unhealthy Diets May Be World’s Biggest Killer – WebMD

    (HealthDay News) — Bad diets are shortening lives worldwide — killing more people globally than either smoking or high blood pressure, a large, new research suggests. The study, of nearly 200 countries, linked poor diet quality to nearly 11 million deaths globally in 2017. That translated …...
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    General Health Cancer Risk: Bottle of Wine Equals 5-10 Cigarettes? – WebMD Health

    — Drinking a bottle of wine each week is the same as smoking five to 10 cigarettes a week when it comes to raising the risk of getting cancer, according to a new study that’s gotten widespread mainstream news coverage. The United Kingdom study … Read more via WebMD Health https://ift.tt/2VpXLHC
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    General Health Treatment Shows Promise Against Solid Tumors – WebMD Health

    An immune system-boosting treatment used to fight blood cancers shows early promise in treating some solid tumors, researchers report. In CAR-T therapy, some of a patient’s own cells are genetically modified to to help them recognize and attack cancer. CAR-T was approved in … Read more via...
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    General Health Pancreatic Cancer Odds Tied to Weight Before 50 – WebMD Health

    Need another reason to stay slim? People who are overweight have a greater risk of dying from pancreatic cancer, especially those who are carrying extra pounds before age 50, a new study suggests. … Read more via WebMD Health https://ift.tt/2OAt9Ra
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    General Health CDC to Start Tracking Ticks as Diseases Rise – WebMD Health

    The CDC for the first time will be monitoring the nation’s tick population and the diseases the pests may be carrying. The effort comes as the number of people diagnosed with serious diseases caused by things like ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes has more than … Read more via WebMD Health...
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    General Health As You Age, Alcohol May Be Harder to Handle – WebMD Health

    (HealthDay News) — Seniors may be more vulnerable to alcoholism, a psychologist warns. “As we age, it takes longer for the body to break down alcohol. It stays in the system longer. Tolerance also decreases. Excessive drinking can compromise your immune system and can lead … Read more via...
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    General Health Antibiotics May Cure Appendicitis Without Surgery – WebMD Health

    (HealthDay News) — If you’re suffering from acute appendicitis, you might be successfully treated with antibiotics and never need an operation to remove your appendix, Finnish researchers report. Most appendicitis cases are uncomplicated, which simply means the organ hasn’t ruptured, so they can...
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    General Health Contact Lenses May Harbor Serious, Blinding Infection – WebMD Health

    (HealthDay News) — Contact lens wearers everywhere need to be on the lookout for a rare, but potentially blinding, eye infection, British researchers warn. In southeast England, cases of the infection, called Acanthamoeba keratitis, have tripled since 2011, a new study found. The illness is …...
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    General Health Her Dog Kept Sniffing a Bump on Her Nose. It Was Cancer – WebMD Health

    You’ve heard of dogs sniffing out hidden drugs, explosives, or missing people. Can some of our four-legged friends spot cancer by its scent, too? Lauren Gauthier had a small, pimple-like bump on her nostril. She didn’t think much of it at first, but her dog Victoria … Read more via WebMD...