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    Metro Man suffers 12-hour erection after smoking weed - Olisa TV

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    General Health Can Weed Affect Women Differently? – FLARE

    Cannabis is said to cure a lot of what ails us—from period cramps to bad sex—but research for weed’s effects on women is still lacking. Read more via “sexual health” – Google News http://bit.ly/2uNM5Tt
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    World Canada Becomes Second Country To Legalise Recreational Marijuana - BBC

    The first recreational cannabis to be legally bought in Canada was purchased at midnight on Wednesday (02:30 GMT) on the eastern island of Newfoundland amid queues of hundreds of people. READ MORE HERE Get more World News
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    General Health This Is What You Should Know About Drinking Weed – Tonic

    The first thing I did when I moved into my first grown-up apartment was get a boss-ass bar cart. It was Don Draper meets Drake—a vintage, copper-detailed, two-story jam with $40 bourbon and bottles of Santa Margarita Rosé for those nights when fame isn’t enough and letting ex’s know is crucial...