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    World Death toll in Lombok quake hits 131, more than 156,000 displaced – The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper

    The death toll from a shallow 6.9-magnitude earthquake on the Indonesian island of Lombok has risen above 130, officials said Wednesday, with some 156,000 forced from their homes. The shallow 6.9-magnitude quake triggered panic.... Read more via The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper – Nigeria and...
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    World Authorities shut down internet in eastern Ethiopia amid regional violence – Premium Times Nigeria

    Authorities have shut down the Internet in eastern Ethiopia amid an outbreak of violence in the region, a local resident said on Wednesday. The resident, speaking from the city of Harar, some 100 km from Jijiga, the capital of the region of Somali, said the … Read more via Premium Times...
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    World Saudi Arabia suspends medical treatment of Saudis in Canada – Premium Times Nigeria

    Saudi Arabia has halted all medical treatment programmes in Canada and is coordinating for the transfer of Saudi patients to medical facilities outside the country, Saudi press agency reported on Wednesday. The agency cited Fahd Al-Tamimi, Saudi Health Attache in the U.S. and Canada. The …...
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    World Britain’s youngest lottery winner Callie Rogers spent ALL £2m fortune – News | Mail Online

    Britain’s youngest lottery winner who squandered her fortune on cosmetic surgery, drugs and partying says she’s happier without the money. Callie Rogers, now 31, appeared on This Morning on Tuesday to explain why she believes bosses should impose an age limit on.... Read more via News |...
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    World British voters want Brexit over and do not care anymore – News | Mail Online

    The majority of voters – including those who backed Remain – now want ministers to just get on with Brexit, a poll has shown. Some 60 per cent said they no longer care how or when we leave the European Union, but ‘just want it all … Read more via News | Mail Online –
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    Politics Warner Music Group sells its entire stake in Spotify for $504M (Jem Aswad/Variety) – Techmeme

    In its earnings call on Tuesday morning, Warner Music Group announced that it has now sold its entire stake in Spotify, realizing $504 million. CEO Steve Cooper said that the sale resulted in $126 million “credited... Read more via Techmeme – Get more World News
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    World Snapchat loses 3 million daily active users during the second quarter – PhoneArena – News

    Snapchat parent Snap reported this afternoon that during the second quarter, the messaging app lost three million daily active users. That number now stands at 188 million... Read more via PhoneArena – News – Get more World News
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    World Twitter’s CEO tries to explain not suspending Alex Jones – Engadget

    Over the last few days, platforms like Apple Podcasts, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify decided they’d had enough of Alex Jones and InfoWars and pulled his access. Twitter was not among them, saying that InfoWars is not "currently violating our policies." Tonight its CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted a...
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    World Chinese exports accelerate as U.S. prepares new tariffs in heated row – Reuters

    BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s exports surged more than expected in July despite fresh U.S. duties and its closely watched surplus with the United States remained near record highs, as Washington finalised its new tariff list in a bitter dispute that some fear could derail global growth.... Read...
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    World Snapchat gets $250M investment from Saudi prince for 2.3% – TechCrunch

    Snap Inc got a fresh infusion of cash from the Saudi royal family to help it survive despite losing $353 million this quarter. Prince Al-Waleed Talal tweeted a video of him and Snap CEO Evan Spiegel, noting that he’s invested … Read more via TechCrunch – Get more...