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    World They don’t protect us, they r-pe us! Mexican women take to the streets to protest r-pe by police officers – Ladun Liadi’s Blog

    SAD! Hundreds of protesters have flooded the streets of Mexico City demanding justice for two teenage girls who were allegedly r-ped by police officers. Around 300 protesters, mostly female, descended on the Mexican capital’s prosecutor’s office on Monday. Armed with pink glitter and spray...
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    World Israeli billionaire to be tried over ‘Guinea bribes’ – Ladun Liadi’s Blog

    Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz and two colleagues are to go on trial in Switzerland for allegedly paying $10m (£8.2m) in bribes in Guinea to win mining licences, prosecutors say. A statement from Geneva’s prosecutor, Claudio Mascotto, said the payments were promised in 2005, three years …...
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    World Congo will soon be Africa’s 3rd largest oil producer – P.M. News

    An oil discovery in Republic of Congo could produce nearly 1 million barrels of oil per day, which will bring the country in league with other major African crude oil producers such as Nigeria and Angola.... Read more via P.M. News – Get more World News
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    World No Clinton, no Trump in Epstein’s book of sex scandals – P.M. News

    Jeffrey Epstein’s death in prison from an apparent suicide as he awaited trial on sex trafficking charges came after newly released testimony linked the disgraced financier to several high-profile personalities... Read more via P.M. News – Get more World News
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    World Hackers Can Turn Everyday Speakers Into Acoustic Cyberweapons – Wired

    Speakers are everywhere, whether it’s expensive, standalone sound systems, laptops, smart home devices, or cheap portables. And while you rely on them for music or conversation, researchers have long known that commercial speakers are also physically able to emit frequencies outside of audible...
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    World US to deny citizenship to immigrants who use public benefits – Yahoo News

    Washington (AFP) – The administration of US President Donald Trump announced Monday new rules that aim to deny permanent residency and citizenship to migrants who receive food stamps, Medicaid and other public welfare. The change threatens to set back the citizenship hopes of … Read more...
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    World Revealed – Secrets of Kenyatta’s Foreign Trips – AllAfrica News: Kenya

    President Kenyatta is leading a charm offensive in foreign countries in a mission that touches on security, economy and United Nations politics. In the last one month, the President has met Heads of States or their representatives from 18 countries in Kenya and abroad. Already, figures from …...
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    World Ebola drugs show ‘90% survival rate’ in breakthrough trial – BBC News

    An outbreak of Ebola has killed more than 1,800 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo Ebola may soon be a “preventable and treatable” disease after a trial of two drugs showed significantly improved survival rates, scientists have said.... Read more via BBC News – Health –...
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    World A Cure for Ebola? Two New Treatments Prove Highly Effective in Congo – NYT – Health

    Two experimental treatments to treat Ebola infection work so well that they will now be offered to all patients in the Democratic Republic of Congo, scientists announced Monday. The antibody-based treatments are so powerful — “Now we can say that 90 percent can come out of treatment … Read...
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    World Ghana-Health-Service-Boss-Accuses-Mahama-Of-Peddling-Lies- – Peacefmonline

    Former President John Dramani Mahama has been badly exposed over claims that he deliberately selected female Muslim students to be sent to Cuba and trained in gynaecology in other to be able to review their fellow Muslim women who have difficulty to … Read more via Headline News in Ghana –...