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    World Palestine Is the Latest Middle Eastern State to Repeal ‘Marry-Your-Rapist’ Law – Global Citizen

    Calling it a “good first step,” international organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) praised Palestine on Thursday for repealing a law allowing rapists to marry their victims. Although the law, which dates back to 1960, was officially repealed in March, HRW called on Palestine and other...
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    World Girls of Any Age Can Be Married in Bangladesh With New Law – Global Citizen

    A vague new child marriage law in Bangladesh invokes the parental permission loophole setting no minimum age for marriage — an astounding turn of events that has human rights groups up in arms. Over half of girls (52%) marry before the age of 18 in Bangladesh, and of those … Read more via...
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    World Mueller concludes Russia-Trump probe with no new indictments – AP NEWS

    Special counsel Robert Mueller closed his long and contentious Russia investigation with no new charges Friday, ending the probe that has cast a dark shadow over Donald Trump’s presidency but launching a fresh wave of political battles over the still-confidential findings. The report’s details...
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    World Trump Defenders Underestimate The Mueller Report By Touting No Indictments – Forbes

    The pro-Trump spin machine is out on the airwaves, touting that the just-completed Mueller Report recommends no new indictments. For ten briefly-stated reasons, the Mueller action marks more of a beginning, than an end, to the search for wrongdoing in the Russia scandal..... Read more via...