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Politics 10 Days After Osun Election And 50 Of Our Members Are Still in Detention - APC


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The Ogun State All Progressives Congress (APC) has decried the detention of 50 of its members even after the Osun elections have been done with. It has said it would be going to court later this week with a view to securing their freedom.

The state Chairman of the party, Adelowo Adebiyi, who made this known on Monday, informed that aside Lai Mohammed, about 200 members of the ruling party in the state were arrested and detained before and during the August 9 election and that the police released about 150 of them, leaving the remaining 50 to rot in detention.

He said. “About 200 of our members were arrested and detained, but about 150 of them have so far been released, we are planning to go to court this week to enforce their release.”

The Osun State Government, also on Monday, confirmed plans to file a lawsuit against the Federal Government over alleged abuses committed by security personnel deployed in the state during the election.

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Source: #DailyPost


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