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10 Reasons Not To Buy An Iphone


Type the word “smartphone” into a search engine and the iPhone is the first thing to pop up on the screen. IPhones have blazed the trail in the phone industry, becoming one of the best selling smartphones on the market. Although there may be perks to owning one, the flaws are often ignored.

They may look glamorous but there are several reasons to not purchase an iPhone.

High Prices: Pay Up or Shut Up
The iPhone is one of the highest priced smartphones on the market. With prices up to $500, people are emptying their piggy banks for every new model. The Apple industry comes up with new models so often that the new iPhone will not be new for long. It will not be long before another piggy bank is broken in the name of Apple.

Accessories: Do They Ever End?
Whenever a new iPhone comes out, a new line of accessories comes out as well. The new iPhone 5 has come out with a new dock connector that replaced the previous one that has been used for years. In order to own the phone, new adapters and chargers will have to be purchased. IPhone quickly makes a needy girlfriend look like a cake walk when it comes to buying new bling.

Adaptability: Just Bend a Little
The iPhone works with Apple products and Apple products only. An Android, Samsung or Blackberry, all take the same charger and can coincide with any system. If a charger gets left at home it is always nice to be able to find one that fits just as well at a friend’s house instead of needing an exact charger that only one phone accepts.

Music: Down with the Beat
Apple has made it clear that their products only coincide with iTunes when it comes to music, which makes Windows Media, Google Play and MP3 left high and dry in the Apple world. If someone has their music completely downloaded onto anything besides iTunes they will have to start a whole new music library in order to have any music on their iPhone.

Spell Check: Who Is the Next Meme?
Ever notice how all the texting memes are pictured on an iPhone screen? There is a reason for that. IPhone manages to make it overly complicated to disable the spell check which may become a problem for all the fast texters trying to spell words that Apple does not like.

Resale Value: Pennies for Product
The iPhone has one of the poorest resale values in the industry. Where someone may pay $400 to $500 for a new iPhone, they will only be able to resell at about a fourth of the price. IPhones are constantly coming out with new models that will require another large payment and selling an old iPhone only goes so far.

Durability: Snap, Crackle, Pop
The iPhone screen is designed to be one of the best touch screens on the market with the clearest picture. However, their screen easily breaks when dropped and shatters to the point of no return. Screen protectors may be purchased but just becomes another expense. The new Samsung Galaxy S5 is known for its durability and is completely waterproof. If the iPhone gets dropped into the water it is a goner within seconds.

SD Cards: Erasing Memories
The new iPhone 5 does not contain a SD memory card slot. That is all well and good for people who have owned iPhones all their lives but for those who want to upgrade to an iphone, it becomes an annoyance. Other smartphones all contain the SD card slot which means that pictures, documents and contacts can be transferred with each upgrade. With the iPhone, new customers will have to transfer every picture and document onto a computer individually and then transfer to the iPhone and contacts will have to be entered in by hand. Iphone may cater to some needs but not when it comes to memories.

Design: Why So Complicated?
The iPhone 5 has now come out with a new iOS 7 operating system. The system is a huge step forward in the world of smartphones, but for normal customers it becomes complicated. Apps and features that have been understood previously with Apple products have now changed. The iPhone was complicated to figure out before and now their new operating system has added on another step.

Materialism: Be Cool
The iPhone is seen as the coolest smartphone money can buy. It caters to the upper class men of America, as the rich will have no problem affording the best phone on the market. The problem with this is that the people who cannot afford it buy it anyway, just to be cool.

There is no question that the iPhone has become an exciting thing to have but it may be time to inspect some of the downsides and realize that the cool phone is not always the best phone.

Obviously the biggest reason is if you are broke and cannot afford to buy credit :)
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