Metro 100L UNILAG Student Commits Suicide After Being Shamed Publicly by Her Room Mates



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An 100 Level student at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) has taken her own life after she was shamed publicly by her room mates and hostel.

Ariyibi Ayomide was studying Employee Relations and Human Resources Management.

She was accused of stealing makeup kits and clothes after they were found in separate bags owned by her. Ayomide then called her mother who came to school, paid for the items and led her away.

However on her way out of the hostel, her room mates together with some other residents of the hall, called her all sorts of names to shame her.

After dropping her at home, her mother went back to work. When she was gone Ayomide reportedly drank a bottle of popular insecticide, sniper to take her own life. On getting back, she found her daughter sprawled on the floor.

Ayomide was rushed to the hospital but she didn't make it.


O.G Taiwo

New Member
This is so sad. It's really frustrating when u are accused of something u know nothing about and u feel defenceless.
But this isn't really enough reason to put ur mom thru this kind of sorrow. Some people seek d opportunity u had.
Sincere condolence to d family.

May her soul rest in peace. Amen