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Metro 2 Cigarette Smokers Killed as Boko Haram Takes Over Buni Yadi,Yobe State



DAILY TRUST claims that boko haram terrorists have taken over Buni Yadi town, headquarters of Guja Local Government Area of Yobe State, and hoisted their flag at the palace of the district head.

Narrating the takeover, a former resident who spoke anonymously said, "They have turned the district head’s palace into their base. Two flags with Arabic inscriptions were hoisted at the entrance, and armed militants stood guard, while many of them sleep inside".

Another resident who fled after the takeover said, "They shot two people dead over cigarette smoking, and another man was beaten 80 lashes for living with a woman who was said not to be his wife".

Also, another resident who stayed a while before fleeing said, "Three insurgent groups came to interview me, asking almost similar questions, ‘why do you prepare to stay in Yadi? Are you with your family?".

In February, boko haram terrorists slaughtered dozens of students in Federal Government College, Buni Yadi, Yobe state.

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